Saturday, November 12, 2016

It is a gorgeous Fall day!  I go to my pantry and pull out a can of pumpkin.  It is time to
make my annual pumpkin bread, and I look forward to the aroma of that process,
filling my home.

I pull out my weathered and marked up recipe book, from my kitchen shelf.  I
don't know this lady on a personal basis, but to some I know, she is "Aunt Lorraine". 
What I do know, is that she is one very gifted cook, baker and artist!  Every single
recipe that I have tried from her book, over the years, has been a winner!  The pages
where I find those recipes, are all earmarked.  Thank you Aunt Lorraine, for sharing
your skills with so many.  Thank you to all of those out there, who so kindly take
the time to share your recipes with the world.  Whether it is through lovely,
colorful books, or through pages in a magazine, or on the internet.  What a gift it
is for all of us!

Here it is!  The yearly, delicious recipe from "Aunt Lorraine".  Simple, moist, delicious,
and trustworthy.  It also freezes well, if it ever lasts that long.

Dry ingredients in one bowl.

Wet ingredients in the other bowl.  Then you combine the two, stir until well mixed, but
not overmixed.

Place batter in whatever type pans you wish.  I was given this pretty decorative pan from
Williams and Sonoma, as a gift.  I sprayed it with coconut oil Pam, filled each cavity
3/4 full, and baked.

When cool, I flipped them out on the pan.  What fun to see their individual shapes.
I used my powdered sugar shaker and dusted each little cake with it.

A few months ago, I found a cylinder of four of these tiny, porcelain cupcake pedestals
at The Homegood's Store.  Four for 9.99.  Each little cakes fits perfectly on the plate.
I will use a clear cellophane bag to set each one in, and tie it at the top.  Perfect idea
for a gift.

A few weeks later, I found these four from the same company.  Once again, the four
were 9.99.  The company is Grace Tea Ware.  Every once in a while
I find them at Homegood's Store, or at Marshall's.

I think the design is clever and unique.

I also found this package of tiny ornaments, that I could tie on to the ribbon at
the top of each cellophane bag, using them as small Christmas gifts. 

A pedestal plate, a pumpkin muffin set on the plate, then placed in a cellophane
bag, and tied with a ribbon and ornament.  That is it for today.

Oh, and if you ever find a copy of "Aunt Lorraine's" cookbook, "In My Kitchen",
you might want to purchase it.  It is chocked full of goodies and her amazing
art work.

The leaves are continuing to bring color and beauty here.  I hope they are where you
live too.

Happy Saturday!


Happy@Home said...

I agree that it is a gift when people share recipes with us.
It is an extra special gift when they share recipes and cute ideas to take them up a notch.
Thank for your doing that today, Judy.
I have just bought canned pumpkin. I know what I'll do with it now :).

Lea said...

That is such a cute idea for gift giving. I love Marshalls, Home Goods, TJMaxx and Tuesday Morning. They always have the best "stuff." I'm making Pumpkin Bread this week and a Pumpkin Pound Cake. Thanks for a lovely post!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You are always an inspiration when it comes to 'blessing others' with sweet gifts!


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