Friday, April 10, 2015

When springtime arrives, I get in a cleaning and redecorating mood.  I
go through my home and pull things from where they spent the winter,
and replace them. 
Remember in the last few months, I did a post on the old
canning jars I was gifted with?  Well, I took them and replaced
them.  I cleared the tops of the cabinets in my family room, and decided
to use the jars in this location.

Old jars, tiny lights, and a few touches of green, completed the new look.

That's it!  So simple, and yet it makes me happy to give new looks to old things.
I am always working on me...when it comes to attempting to give "new" looks
to "old" things:)  I was told recently, that anything over 60 years old, is
considered an antique.  Meet your "antique" blogger.

I would love to know the stories that make up each of these old jars.  I like seeing the tiny
bubbles in some of the glass.

My kitchen shelves, with a bit of a new look, using the canning jars, and special other

This old copper tea kettle was an antique wedding gift from our good friends.  Forty years
later, it still adds beauty to our home, no matter where I place it.  I especially like it with
the lit sticks and white faux flowers.  Thanks Charlie and Vickie, for a gift that keeps

This needlepoint piece was created by another good friend, and it too,
makes me smile each time I see it.
Truly, I give you "just a little something" today. 
Thank you for stopping by again.  What are some of your favorite "old"
things that you decorate with, in your home?


Lea said...

Well, your home is so warm and inviting and love all of your decorating touches. Maybe you should come and assist me when we move into our new home. You definitely have a knack for decorating.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Stacey said...

Just beautiful, Judy! I love your cabinets with the beadboard in the back. The jars with lights are fun. :)

Debbie said...

I LOVE the way this all looks. I especially love the tea kettle. Just so homey and warm. Hubby and I are getting ready to start a few projects too. Heard recently where you can PAINT Formica counter tops...interesting, will have to check it out. Enjoy your week-end Judy!

Jaybird said...

"Old things"????
Hubby and I ;^)
Our antiques run the gamut from antique woodworking tools through a child's hush-a-bye dated 1830! It's a fun world in our home :^)
I love your jars with the bitty lights, and your copper tea kettle!! It is all beautiful, fresh and welcoming!

Happy@Home said...

If you qualify as an antique then I can't wait to get there. You have a way of making antiques look beautiful. I love the way you have accessorized your shelves. The little lights give a pretty glow to everything. I'm wondering if you could "shed some light" on where you find the pretty little light strands. I am assuming they use batteries rather than cords??

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Happy@Home, the lit sticks are electric, and they come together as a clump. They last about 1 and 1/2 years, and I let them on continuously. If you would like the site of where to buy them, please feel free to email me.

Liz said...

Isn't it amazing how those "green jars" can be changed from room to room and still add such charm! What wonderful special treasures you have! Love the stick lites, will have to look for them. Thanks for sharing!

Sheryl said...

As always...I love each thing about your home!

Judy said...

Beautiful have a way of making all things old look lovely! Lots of antiques find their place in my home as well...from old jars and dishes to an Underwood typewriter and lantern and silver samovar. I'm not so good at switching things up regularly though! Thanks for all the inspiration!

lindsey said...

I always seeing how you decorate your home so creatively and love the way you reuse items in different ways and in new positions. These jars look perfect, the light reflecting from them gives a warm welcome.

Anneliese said...

The cabinet display looks beautiful! I'd love to stand right in front of it and look at every piece. I like the subtle blue tying it all together.


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