Monday, April 27, 2015

On a clear, sunny Saturday afternoon, I was honored to be invited to a baby shower
for one of my daughter's dear friends.  On the invitation, it was called a "Mr. McGregor's
Garden Party", and I looked forward to seeing what that would entail.

The "soon to be mother" and one of her good friends.  They did not find out ahead of time
whether she was having a boy or girl, but everyone was making their predictions for her.
She looked pretty in her lace and pearls, for this anticipated event!

It was fun to walk around the home, and see all the creative touches put in place for this
garden party shower.

Here we were to guess the amount of old buttons in the jar.  I recognized some of the old books,
from my daughter's childhood. 

Eagerly this sweet girl wrote down her button guess.  In a few short weeks, she will get to meet her
new little cousin.  The big smile revealed her excitement over it all.

The clever way the relish tray was presented, fit perfectly into the garden theme.

Strawberries and grapes became eye candy, on the clear crystal pedestal display, and
tasted so good with the melted chocolate drizzled over it.

The food presentation was well thought out and  so attractively done.

 One of my favorite aspects of Mr. McGregor's Garden Party...
peanut butter button cookies, made by the hostess.  What a cute addition to the shower!

The sister and niece of the mother-to-be added to the shower's festivities, with their
warm smiles and kind hospitality.
Two lovely ladies, who eagerly look forward to fulfilling the coveted role
of "grandma" to the new little one.  I think grandmas are looking younger than

And, so are great-grandmothers!  These two gracious ladies have welcomed many little
ones into their arms over the years.

The smiles, the laughter, the conversations that were taking place throughout the home,
helped to make this event, one that will not soon be forgotten.

The baby will be so blessed to have aunts like this to care for and love them.

The gifts, the food, and the fellowship left the dear mother-to-be
with a feeling of joy and thankfulness in her heart, as she
faces the days ahead.

So much attention to detail was found everywhere. 

What fun to discover that I got to take a small gift along home with me. 

Another touch of "wow" to the garden party.

As I walked out the front door and said my goodbyes, it seemed like even the pansies
were smiling:)

Thank you for stopping by today.  Maybe this will renew some of memories you may
have from your days of reading about Mr. McGregor's garden, leaving you with a smile


Debbie said...

Good morning! What a cute shower theme idea, and they did it up soo well. I had a whole little collection of those books and they were Melody's favorites. We both loved them. Yes I agree! Those were some young looking grandma's! And even great grandma's! Glad you were able to go and enjoy it all, and thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed it too! Have a good week!

Lea said...

The ideas for showers today are so amazing. The sky is the limit and what a cute way to welcome baby. Love the button cookies and the veggie pots. Wonder if they got some of their ideas off Pinterest? Enjoyable post!

Anneliese said...

I love this! Mommy to be is a beautiful young lady. I love her lace and pearls! I also love that they are keeping the baby gender a surprise. That anticipation really is fun!

Gypsy Heart said...

What a wonderful celebration! All the incredible details with the food makes me hungry right now. :) Beautiful touches everywhere ~ I know the Mom to be was thrilled!

Thanks for sharing a lovely afternoon.

Happy@Home said...

I started to read this post the day you wrote it and was in a hurry so I decided to come back when I could take more time to relish each and every detail of this lovely shower.
What an adorable theme this is for a baby shower. I like the idea for the vegetables in the little flower pots and those peanut button cookies are adorable. There was obviously a lot of thought and love that went into the planning of this shower.
A very pretty mother-to-be and the grandmothers and great-grandmothers look fabulous and I agree with you very young.


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