Friday, May 16, 2014

The forecast today...heavy rain.

My thoughts go to those in the San Diego and San Marcos areas of California, where they would
be most grateful for the rain we are receiving.  I can't imagine what all they are facing yesterday
and today.  Hence, I am thankful for the rain.
Despite the rain, I offer you this sunny, pretty coffee greeting for your
Friday morning, and a simple, quick, and easy project I did recently.
I really like the new look of the jars of baby food, from the
Beechnut Company. 
I share this, just in case you ever need favors for a dinner, or a small gift,
or you just want to add a touch of color to an area in your home.

I washed the empty jars and dried them thoroughly.

I mixed some Elmer's glue with a bit of water.  I took a small paint brush and
painted the mixture evenly in the inside of each small jar, (the bottom and the
sides, making sure all areas were covered.)
I chose four colors of the fine glitter I had on hand, from the
Martha Stewart collection.  You can choose any color or texture of
glitter for this project.
I would like to give the "glitter idea credit" where it is due, but my daughter
found this idea on Pinterest, but I do not know it's origin.  I do remember that
when shared, I was told the one who shared the idea, used mason jars for her
project, and I am sure that would look good too.

I shook the glitter into each jar, immediately after painting with the glue mixture.  I swished
glitter around the inside, making sure it is totally covered, and poured out all the excess
glitter.  I let them sit and dry for a few hours.

I tied a color coordinated tag onto each jar, so that when needed, I can use these four jars
as place card holders. or for whatever I wish to use them for.

I placed a battery operated votive into each jar, and liked the look it produced through the
glitter covered glass.

Recycling can be fun, if one has a few extra minutes and has access to the idea fields of
Pinterest, to glean ideas from.

Thank you for stopping by today!  Your kind comments are always a blessing to me. 


debi said...

First thank you for you kind thoughts this morning. Yes we in San Marcos would love some rain!! This morning is quiet, not helicopter or plane traffic in the skies out my window. I see no flames...or black smoke. Continue to pray for our firefighters
Oh my, I love how those jars turned out. I think Khloe and I have a new project. They look so awesome with the candle/ribbon on the outside.. Great little post!


lindsey said...

You are just so clever Judy...these are brilliant. Sadly I have never seen that brand of baby food here in the UK nor any that are so sweet in shape. But I will keep an eye open just in case!

Stacey said...

You find and create the best ideas, Judy!

corners of my life said...

Such a cute project and great little gifts for your friends or family.

Happy@Home said...

It seems I am now looking at the baby food jars in my pantry in a new light. I have often felt bad to be adding so many cute jars to the recycling bin. Now I am going to rescue a few and turn them into these adorable candle jars.
Thanks for yet another great idea, Judy.


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