Saturday, May 17, 2014


After the rain, came a beautiful, sunny weekend.
The grass is greener, the blossoms are bursting forth.
The sky seems bluer.

Later last evening two little guests arrived for the weekend. 

Saturday morning we walked through our neighborhood and visited the many garage sales
taking place here.  We made two fun purchases that I will share sometime with you, if
I consider it even the least bit newsworthy.

When we got home, our granddaughter wanted to bake in the kitchen, and time was
available to do so.

She decided on mini brownies.  She chose the pan, and the process began.

As always she took the process seriously, stirring with one hand and holding the bowl with the
other, maintaining her upmost concentration:)

After the tiny brownies were baked, we learned how to add a touch of icing to each one.
I must admit that by this time, we were both covered with chocolate icing.

 We went and picked the white violas in the garden, and then washed and dried each
one thoroughly.

Place one brownie on the plate, add one small dollop of icing, and then place the delicate
white flower in the middle of each tiny creation.

The tinges of pride were growing, with each word of praise offered.

Togetherness in the kitchen...what could be better!

But in the end, she was willing to take full credit.  A major accomplishment on a Saturday
morning in May, for this little one.
One box of brownie mix made all of these delicacies.
Thankfully, they will freeze well for another occasion.
I am so grateful for rare moments like these.
"For flowers, for seashells,
for art, for music,
for birds, for dogs,
for ducks, for geese,
for water, for air,
for sky, for stars,
for sunshine, for earth,
for grass, for food,
for drink, for laughter,
for affection, for my friends,
for my family, for my parents,
for my children, for my beloved husband,
for my life,
thank you God...even if it's only a loan."
~Joan Bel Geddes
"Are You Listening God"?
Wishing you joy this weekend!


NanaNor's said...

Hi Judy, Your Saturday sounds like mine-almost. We had a neighborhood garage sale here in our development, so my daughters and their families and all 11 grands came over to man it. We got rid of a lot of things, which is good because we just moved in. I don't do much cooking with our grands because of so many food allergies and issues. However, they love being over and that is good enough for me.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

A perfectly delightful Saturday in May! And your treats look amazing.

Lea said...

Oh, looks like something I'd be doing with my little Princess. She loves to bake! What sweet, sweet memories for the two of you!

debi said...

Precious time making kitchen memories, love it!
Looks like a beautiful fun weekend.


lindsey said...

Beautiful post Judy, those cakes look wonderful, I love how carefully your granddaughter is icing each one. The photo of you both is lovely and you look so alike!

Sonja Goodson said...

I've had such a good time catching up here Judy. This blog with your precious little one is too cute for words! I know your kitchen is a haven of love and fun for your family. It is for me too! :)

Lovella ♥ said...

That is so precious Judy! I can almost envision the entire process. She is a little doll that little baker of yours.

Christine said...

Again, I'm taking Grandma notes from you!

Her little hands looks to cute.

Anneliese said...

This is so cute! I wonder who is having more fun? I like your one bite brownie pan too!


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