Thursday, December 12, 2013

 Just in case you are looking for a needed gift in the days ahead.

I purchased an old looking ice skate ornament, marked 60% off at Michael's Store.
For some reason, I immediately fell for these ornaments.  Maybe it was because the
sight of them, took me back to the Christmases when I was a young girl, and our dad
took us ice skating to the big pond, in a small park near our home.  I treasure those
memories, and would always look forward to the cups of hot chocolate we would get
when we arrived home after the skating.

A clear, plastic gift container from the shelves at Michael's for $ 3.00.

One sheet of any colored tissue paper, folded in half and added in circular form to the
inside of the plastic bucket.  If the size doesn't fit exactly, refold the tissue until it does.  For
the bucket this size, the folded piece works perfectly and does not require tape.

What fun to change the clear bucket into whatever color or design you wish.

Tie a ribbon tightly around the one side of the handle.  Tie the ornament into
the ribbon on the handle.  Make a bow out of whatever coordinating ribbon you choose.
Tie onto the handle too.

Bake cookies, or snack mix, or muffins, or whatever you choose, place in a cellophane 
bag, tie tightly and place inside the plastic bucket.  A quick, easy, inexpensive and
colorful way to give food this Christmas. 

There are smaller sizes of the clear plastic containers at Michael's Store.  Fold tissue
accordingly to fit a smaller size.  This idea will work for any time of the year gift,
and the ways to decorate it are endless.

I am not sure which snack mix recipe I will make to fill the two buckets.  But, when
I do make it, I will be happy to check two gifts off my list.

I close this post, sharing a beautiful picture that my uncle took last evening.  The
sunsets in our part of the country have been outstanding lately, especially as
they reflect over the snow covered fields.  Snow and sunsets...two of my favorite

Thanks for stopping by.


corners of my life said...

OK - I am officially moving to be closer to a Michaels. So very cute.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Another great idea! I just came here to snoop through old posts...looking for gift ideas. I go right to 'the source'!

lindsey said...

Really clever idea Judy! And such a beautiful snowy photo too.


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