Monday, December 2, 2013

I am sharing our simple weekend, garage makeover with you.
We hosted our youngest daughter's baby shower for family and
I am only sharing this transformation, because of the appreciation
I have for all the fun ideas I have gathered over the year,
from blog land and from Pinterest, thinking
maybe you enjoy shared ideas too.

As you can see from the pictures, the painting drop cloths only hid some of the garage
items that needed covering.  The rest, we just left for all the guests to observe and smile at:)
My husband was sure the women would not mind if the rakes and shovels were staring at
them while they were eating.  And you know what?  He was right, at least as far as I know.

To cover the trash bins, he placed a tall, bendable ladder sideways and placed old boards on
top of it.  We covered it all with some tablecloths and decorated it with a wooden crate,
an old crock, and an old wooden ship of my brother-in-law's, that was never picked up by
him, despite several reminders:)  It tied in perfectly with our nautical theme, so we were
thankful that he had not picked it up.

The brunch menu was...ham and cheese crustless quiche, fresh fruit cups with strawberry
yogurt topping, and a variety of homemade muffins.
We filled each pretty plastic serving cup, which I purchased at the local Dollar Tree, with
the fruit and yogurt.
Favors were the blue and white striped paper cups, filled with cheese whales, placed
in a cellophane bag, tied with baler twine, and decorated with white tags cut from
plain index cards.  I added nautical stickers to each tag, from the Martha Stewart collection
at Michael's Store.

The plastic ware was placed in a napkin, wrapped up, and tied with
baler twine.  I used a white lifesaver to go with the nautical theme.
A simple and inexpensive way to serve the plastic ware.
Thank you Pinterest for the idea.

For the centerpieces, I purchased glass cylinders at the local Dollar Tree, a pack of 
shelf liner(non slip) from the same store.   Cut the liner to the same size as the glass
cylinder, wrapped it around  the glass and tied it with baler twine.  To add color, I
glued a few paper blue stars onto the twine.  I filled half full with water and
burned a floating candle in it.

I was thinking one could use the same concept, but decorate it for Christmas,
with greens and a colorful ornament.  The cost of each centerpiece was less
than $ 2.00.

The individual containers of chocolate stars on each table, were a hit.  The stars were
purchased from Trader Joe's. 

Two teams competed in the game "Win, Lose, or Draw", creating lots of laughter and
loud cheering.  My niece takes her turn at drawing.  I also want to acknowledge the fact,
that she did all the photography at the shower, and I am so thankful for these pictures .

It was a special weekend, spending time with our three daughters, and celebrating
the upcoming arrival of another grandchild.

And the youngest overnight female guest(our precious granddaughter), was
ready to party at a moment's notice.
She added lots of fun to our Thanksgiving vacation.  My heart is filled with
gratitude today, that we were given this rare privilege, and for the beloved family
and friends who joined us for it all.

Thank you for stopping by, and thanks to all of you that share many wonderful,
creative ideas, on your blogs and on Pinterest, with us on a weekly basis.   I
learn so much from you.



Debbie said...

I love hearing and seeing all your wonderful ideas! It just looked wonderful! And that picture of you with your girls was sooo good. Such pretty ladies. Glad it all worked out soo well. Enjoy your day!

Judy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful party in your transformed garage! What a fun way to bless the new-mom-to-be. And thanks once again for sharing your ideas. I'm thinking I will attempt your cylinder candles for our Christmas event.

lindsey said...

I've been looking forward to these photos and you didn't disappoint ! The garage looks wonderful, fantastic tables capes and great ideas. I love the mints tied around the cutlery :) I think since you have reminded your BIL a number of times to collect his beautiful boat you should now claim it as your own :) I love the photo of you and your beautiful look more like an extra sister than their mother. said...

I've just spent a few minutes catching up on your recent blogs. You are an endless source of new ideas. I am a great copier of ideas, maybe we all are, but you sure bring class to the parties you share here. I don't think I would ever look at my garage in the same way again! It was just lovely Judy, and I know your guests enjoyed every minute, and every cute idea.

Keem them coming!! :)

Christine said...

What a party!
It truly a special time to have all the girls with you. They are so beautiful and look like they mother!

Thank you for sharing your ideas and family with us.

debi said...

Wow, she looks so different as a brunette! So nice to see you with all your girls together, that is so rare isn't it? As Mom's we treasure those times all the more.
Everything looked wonderful!!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Judy, your daughter's shower looked so beautiful! I like the candle center piece idea very much! I hope I can find a nice glass cylinder like you used.

The photo with you daughters is wonderful--you are so blessed!

Happy@Home said...

This is a most beautiful transformation, Judy. I would have never guessed the setting for this shower was in your garage and I feel sure the ladies were so busy looking at all of the pretty touches that they didn't even notice the rakes and shovels.
I so admire the way the members of your family come together to create these lovely gatherings.
The photo of you and your daughters is just beautiful.

Kathleen said...

Fabulous ideas! I love the picture of you & your daughters. They sure look like their mama.

Anneliese said...

Such fun!!


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