Thursday, November 21, 2013

I am fortunate enough to have a few boxwoods on our property.  I like the look they add to
my holiday decorating.  So, along with their green beauty, I decided to use pieces of my old
glassware this year, to help me decorate.  I hesitate sharing the simplicity of it all, but I thought
that maybe you too, have some glass pieces from the past that you could give new life too,
this Christmas.

I used my old crystal pedestal bowl to create this coffee table arrangement, by placing the candle first, and then arranging clusters of boxwood around it.  I added a wired ribbon to give it a bit
of color.  I like the touch of elegance that it added to the room. 

Then I cut more boxwood, plus a thin old grapevine wreath from the attic, and my hot glue gun.
I stuck the small branches of the boxwood into the wreath, gluing as I went.  I purchased a
sleeve of the colored ornaments from the dollar bin at my local Target Store a few weeks ago.
And there you have it, my simple creation was hung on the wall of my lit kitchen cupboard.
The old glass parfaits were my mothers when I was young, the ribbon was a roll I had purchased
at Walmart.

I used a glue gun to attach each colored ornament to the boxwood.  I do like the color it added
to my white bead board wall.

I also used my old glass milk bottles and glass coffee jars to make a festive vignette in the kitchen cupboard.  I used a strand of battery operated colored lights to weave in through
the milk bottles.  My old cupcake tin was the final touch.

Old and new come together on the counter under the cupboard.

Along with my treasured "Country Living Farm Chicks Christmas Book" with it's own pictured
display of old glassware filled with fun holiday candy.

I discovered this crystal pedestal bowl last weekend at a small mountain variety store.  There it
was on a table, along with old plastic boxes and flowers.   It's beauty and it's price made it
impossible for me to pass it by.  My friend, who was with me on our fun endeavor, told me
she has one similar to this one, and she uses it on her kitchen counter, to hold bananas.
As you can see, it now sits on my kitchen counter and holds my apples and oranges.

I think the older I get, the more I like to incorporate old pieces into my daily life.  Maybe it is
like giving them a second chance in life to rise and shine.  Or maybe it is, I want them to still
feel important in life, because I can identify with their "oldness":)  Whatever the reason, this
Christmas, I used them to add touches of loveliness to our home.

Today, whether you are young or older, I want you to know that you are important and
valuable!  Your beauty can be used in many ways to brighten someone's life.  My glass pieces
thought their time was over and their life duties were done, until I pulled them of the
cupboards and gave their beauty more moments in the spotlight:)
Greetings to you, from this "older" blogger!


Happy@Home said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to peek into your home and see the beautiful Christmas touches you have added. Everything looks so pretty and I especially love the boxwood wreath.
You made me laugh when you said that you can "identify with their oldness". I'm thinking that must be why I'm so drawn to the vintage things. Ha!
Most of all I like what you have to say about one's beauty being used to brighten someone's life... no matter what the age. What a lovely thought that is and a beautiful thing to read this morning.

Debbie said...

Good morning! I loved seeing what you have are so clever and creative! I love love love that wreath! Simple, yet elegant and festive, perfect! Enjoy the rest of your day!

debi said...

Would love to see your home during the holidays, I'm sure it's beautifully decorated :-) Thankful for all the simple ideas you provide!


Rick/Ruthie said...

Brilliant and beautiful-all of it!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Oh, it is looking so festive and lovely over there. I think I need you to come and do a little decorating around here. I have lots of old things...lots of boxwood...and plenty of boxed Christmas ornaments. I just need you to make something beautiful from it all!

I like using boxwood as well. So versatile!

lindsey said...

I love all your decorations, the wreath is my favourite though, the coloured baubles add colour and shine. Your creativity always amazes me, such great ideas to decorate your home.


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