Friday, November 1, 2013

Her skillfully made card arrived in the mail.  It said, " say" and included a hand written
thank you.  It has been sitting on my kitchen counter ever since it arrived.  In fact, I liked it so much I included it on my new banner picture.  Reaching the age of 60, certainly did not slow down her
creativity genes one bit.  Thank you, Judy!

Every morning this cardinal comes and visits my mother's bird feeders.  Okay, I am not absolutely
sure it is the same one, but I do like it's visits and the brilliant color adds a touch of beauty, to the brown and green surroundings.

The tree outside the window is laden with red berries.
In the morning hours, it is filled with birds, including two woodpeckers.

The young Amish farmer has now completed his summer chores in the field out back.  The hay
is stored and ready for the late fall and winter.

Fresh produce continues to line the shelves of the small, country roadside stand, a few miles
from our home.  I am not sure when they will close for the season, but I love stopping there and
buying their locally grown food.  Did I mention, they make their own homemade whole wheat
bread too?  What a treat!

It is a rainy, windy and overcast day.  The cold front is coming in. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Thank you to my daughter who took the time to help me with my new blog background, and to
"I love it! Blog designs" for the unique selections she offers.


Happy@Home said...

Your new header and background are so lovely, Judy. When I saw "time for" and a cup of coffee sitting nearby, I thought it seemed so appropriate for you as I know you enjoy a cup of coffee.
To know that somebody made the card... wow, I am impressed.
How nice it must be to live so near to that roadside stand. The produce they offer looks so good.
We have rain moving in today too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeane` said...

The new header and background look FABULOUS!!! Way to go mom and Ashley! :)

debi said...

Love the new header and background, there so you!

Really loved all your photos, that produce looks fabulous :-)

lindsey said...

Your blog is looking lovely, that certainly is a very pretty card and your photos are showing off your beautiful surroundings. I would live to have Baird like that visit my garden!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I love your warm and inviting fall header! I don't think a red cardinal has ever showed up at my feeder. well as the berries and the colourful produce!

Lovella ♥ said...

Your new header and background is just perfect for the month of November. I always love how we can decorate and tinker until we are happy and all it costs is a bit of time and thought.
That produce looks so lovely and your view so tranquil. Enjoy your weekend Judy.


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