Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It was Sunday evening.
It was our niece's wedding.  Our niece we held as a newborn and watched
as she grew into a lovely young lady over the years.

With the skillful and artistic supervision of a dear family friend, who had the distinct role of

the wedding florist for the evening, each of the bride's attendants, put together their own

bouquets, including a strand of tiny, clear lights in each one.

The girls were thrilled with this unique privilege.

The wedding and reception were held in a historic, downtown building.

Candlelight and special effects lighting filled the room.

"Soft pink" was the predominant color of the evening, and warm smiles offered a sincere welcome

to each of the guests.

The "couple of the evening" met during a weekend youth retreat, at a local summer camp.

They are each from a family of three children, and they were both gifted with

creative genes, and warm, genuine, caring personalities. 

One part of the lovely bridal party.  The blond that is "great with child" is our youngest

daughter.  It was a joy to have her and her husband home during the last few days.

Truly a meaningful, inspiring and romantic evening.

The tiny niece of the bride, just might have stolen the show during the evening.

Although the ring bearer and the flower girl stole the dance floor for a bit.

The cake table was the handiwork of the bride's father.  One of many tables he has built

in the last few years, although I think this might have end up, looking the prettiest of

the tables.

The cake was beautifully done by a family friend.

The 18 year old photographer of the evening captured this elegant shot.  I can't tell you

how impressed I was with her and her photography skills and dedication.  She has

a thriving photography business and she is a senior in high school.  Wow!

It was an evening that provided all of us with an extra dose of beauty and memories.

We wish them God's blessings as they begin their lives together.

Thank you for stopping by.

Oh, and one more thing, I am trying to correct the layout of the choppy sentence structure.

I don't know how it happened and I am trying to somehow correct it.  Until then, thanks

for trying to ignore it as you visit here:)


Rick/Ruthie said...

The choppy sentence structure is easily ignored when you share such delightful pictures of happy occasions. What a lovely wedding!

Debbie said...

Soo pretty ~ all of it ~ the bridesmaids dresses, the flowers, the flower girl and ring bearer, the sweet baby, and the happy couple! I LOVE looking at wedding pictures, so thanks for sharing these! Congrats and best wishes to them both!

debi said...

Very beautiful bride and bridesmaids! The photos really give one the sense of a almost being there in the flesh. How nice for you to have some time with your youngest....she looks so cute pregnant :-)


Jeane` said...

Fun to relive the memory of that magically-themed event! I am so sorry about these darn sentences doing that to you. I'll do my best to fix it tomorrow or Thursday.
love ya.

lindsey said...

Can easily ignore the choppy stuff while reading the excitement of the wedding and looking at the beautiful photos. What a great idea to have the bridesmaids creat their own bouquets ! And how lovely to have your family visit :)

corners of my life said...

Your photos really captured the ambiance. Nice job!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So beautiful! I thought of you last weekend...enjoying time with your daughter and all the wedding festivities! I'm smiling...at the flower girl and ring bearer 'stealing the show'. Is that not how it often is? Your daughter looks radiant!

Blessings on the newly wed couple!


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