Friday, October 11, 2013

"Eight O'clock Coffee" sure have been around for many years!  I saw your bags in my grocery store recently, and now I saw you being advertised here, in the July 1939 edition of Woman's Day
Magazine.  My mother's friend gave her this magazine as a gift last week, and we both found it
most interesting.  Thank you, Carol.

Iced coffee is a treat for me on some afternoons, but I was not aware that it was a treat for people in 1939.  For 70 some years now, people have been enjoying this brand of coffee, whether served hot or cold.

If you saw the magazine on the shelf and wanted to purchase it, the cost would have been
2 cents.

"Ritz Crackers", you too, have been with us for a very long time.  Who knew, that back in the thirties, in our country, people were snacking on this crisp, flaky cracker.  The box has retained the same look for seventy some years. 

"Gorton's" and "Kool-Aid"...can still be found at most of our local grocery stores, but I am sure one could not make 10 big delicious drinks for 5 cents today:)  Gorton's, your seafood has fed many people over the years, and provided my family with some tasty meals.

In my fresh peach and strawberry jelly that I made this summer, I once again reached for the "Certo".
Now, I see in my magazine, that people have been reaching for Certo for at least seventy years. 
How interesting!

"Palmolive" soap, continues to be the beauty secret of women today, leaving skin soft, smooth, and radiant, just as the advertisement promises.

"White House" evaporated milk continues to grace the grocery shelves.  A staple in
homes all across America.

Then there is the beloved "Spam".  Then and now and most likely for a long time in the future.
Whatever your thoughts of Spam now, you must admit, it has survived for many years, and is
still feeding people today.

I read the article with very small print(as all the print of the magazine does), about the editors of Woman's Day visiting
New York World's Fair.
I wondered to myself, if there are any bloggers with family that would have had the privilege
of visiting New York's World Fair in 1939?
If you did, were any memories shared with you?
Did they dress up as beautifully as these women did to attend the fair?
Did they wear hats and high heels?

And, because our youngest daughter is continuing to try and find maternity clothing that fit and look nice, I found this particular article interesting.  I am not sure she would order any of these outfits, although I must admit they are a bit classier than some of the maternity clothing of our
day.  Would you agree?

July 1939...a long time ago, and yet proving that some things have not changed.  A few products
have survived the test of time.  Maybe the fact that they did survive, might be reason enough for
us to try them.  What do you about a grilled spam and cheese sandwich today?
I grew up on them:)  How about you, was that something you were served in your childhood?  Was Spam part of your diet back then?

Another weekend is fast upon us.  I cannot believe how fast time goes, even though by saying that, I sound just like my mother:) 

I want to share this last rose from my garden with you, today.  Hopefully, you are blessed with some beauty and simple heartfelt blessings this weekend.

Thank you for stopping by.


Vintage Home said...

oh my the graphics in those old advertising pictures...are so delightful!
Love your rose!
We are celebrating Thanksgiving! Oh Canada!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How interesting...the walk down memory lane. Ritz crackers and certo are still regulars over here. Spam and Kool-aid...not so much. :)

Your last rose is looking lovely! The sun is shining...and there is much to be thankful for over here. Enjoy your weekend.

dixie heath said...

I was born in July 1939 and enjoyed the magazine articles. It showed me how things were then. Love your rose. thanks for sharing. In Ohio we still have Spam, Kool Aid, Eight O'clock Coffee. I do miss the A&P Stores.

Anneliese said...

Aren't those vintage magazines so interesting? I love your rose! There is another beauty that never goes out of style!

Christine said...

I like when you take us back to "the good old days" via magazines.
I love to flip through magazines and when they are from the past, FUN!

lindsey said...

Thank you for sharing these great photo's from 'way back when' I love looking at old magazines and it's fascinating to discover how long products have been on the market for!

Jeane` said...

I remember you making many a Spam-and-Egg-and-Cheese sandwich for us (and I loved it).

Vee said...

Judy, I have been looking around wondering how I know you...I do know you, but Blogdom is such a big place...I so appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment so I could find you and wonder how I know you.

So much fun to wander down Memory Lane via old magazines...I have an attic full of them from my grandmother...the same one who attended the New York World Fair in 1939. My mother was five and so she was left with friends while my grandparents took off for a week. She did mention some of the amazing things she saw...television for the first time! I also have some souvenirs from the fair.

Have you read E.B. White's essay "The World of Tomorrow"? It is a charming and gently humorous account of his experience at the fair.

Now I'll go leave a comment on a current post as I should have done in the first place.


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