Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our visit to the annual country fair took place last evening.
With three of our older grandchildren in tow, we parked in the
grass field across the street from the fair.
For them, it was their first visit and anticipation was building.
The colors and signs of fall were everywhere.
Tractors were the first thing that caught their
attention.  As you can see, they made themselves right at
home on the huge machines.

Can you imagine how massive they must have seemed to these
little ones?
I was thankful for my camera from the start of our adventure.

New tractors and very old tractors filled the grass sections by the driveway.

A real live rodeo was the next event they discovered.
 They asked if we could sit on the bleachers and watch the upcoming competition,
which began by standing to the National Anthem.
As would be expected, their attention span drifted in the midst of the rodeo, by the smell of french fries filling the air.
"Please Pawpaw, can we get some French fries?"

We walked in through the many large tents throughout the grounds.  Alpacas were the first of the
animals they met.

Who couldn't love a face like this?

We watched two ladies weaving the fleece from the Alpacas.  It was so soft!

In through the tents we walked, observing the cows, and the milking of cows...

...and the pigs, goats, and sheep.

One of the stands had a kind lady offering balloons to the children, which only added to the fun of the evening.

The tent with the flower  and food competitions was interesting to my granddaughters and me.  Garden flowers, homegrown apples, various nuts and flower arrangements were judged.

I liked this creatively done arrangement of flowers in a plastic popsicle holder.  Apparently the judges liked it too.

I wish I had a tree that grew apples like these.

So many varieties, colors, and sizes of gorgeous Dahlias graced the one table.  Isn't the one that received the blue ribbon unique?

The old steam engine was intriguing to the children.  I can still remember the sound they make from 
my years of growing up in the country.  Sure makes me sound old, doesn't it?

Just a few years ago, we would take our young children to the fair, and met friends with their children.  Now, we took our
grandchildren and met our friends with their grandchildren.  I wonder if we will ever be taking our
great-grandchildren to this fair?:)

It was soon time to leave the fair, taking more special memories with us... the sun was setting on the grounds of the fair.
Just in case you don't live near a country fair, I thought we would share ours with you.
It truly is a privilege to visit it each year.
Hope you have a good weekend!


Stacey said...

Judy, we live near The Great State Fair of Texas. It is absolutely nothing like you just showed although it did start that way. I'd love to go to your fair. It looks like so much fun! Your photos are wonderful and those grandkids are seriously growing.

Rick/Ruthie said...

Thanks for "taking us along" to the fair with your grands. So many fun things to see there. The picture of the Farmalls brought back many memories for me. I used to drive one of those. Now you know I'm also old!

lindsey said...

What a fantastic day out. I can see that PawPaw would never be able to say "No" to that sweet little face, and if he's anything like the Papa we have here, he would be wanting some fries too :)Our grandchildren would love to see a live rodeo!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What fun! Now that looks like a true fall fair.

debi said...

Love hubby arrange it to where I could drive one for a birthday surprise !!
Looks like a fun day was had by all. I loved looking at the flowers:-)



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