Sunday, September 22, 2013

Colors of the season abound everywhere.  Just a few I discovered yesterday, in spite of our fun,
busy birthday weekend.

Celebrating an eager little "about to be three year old", with a simple, yet festive birthday celebration.

As you can see, it truly was "simple".  Pizza was her birthday meal request.  

Aunts enjoying their nieces...

...while the little ones hung on to their every word.

Whoppie pies were the "cake" of choice, with the party theme being, "little princess".

It is Sunday and we are relaxing after a full week.  Thankful you all stopped by, and I am hoping
you have a few minutes time to relax, enjoy the colors of the season, your family and friends, and a few bites of chocolate today.


debi said...

Adorable :-)

lindsey said...

It certainly looks like a fun time. I love whoopie pies!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Fun times...all around! Love your little whoopie pie cakes.

Lisa Shaw said...

Beautiful photos. Precious moments and memories being created.

Big blessings to the pretty birthday girl!

Much love to you Judy and all God's blessings upon your precious family.


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