Friday, September 6, 2013

His first haircut.

One of the benefits of modern technology, is it can make you totally oblivious to all that is going
on around you.  I guess it is one of the curses of modern technology too. 

Giving him his haircut brought moments of pleasure to this grandpa.

They say, " The best mirror is an old friend".  But to this little one, "the best mirror holds a new friend:)".

I was working in my laundry and at the same time, trying to entertain my little buddy who was in the
room with me.  I placed a mirror in the dryer and stood him up in front of it.  He was so thrilled at
what he saw!  He pointed, laughed, and stared at his new friend.

Simple joy for a one year boy.

My unexpected joy...the picture I took from my front porch last evening.

Whatever you face this weekend, I pray that you too, will be gifted with some unexpected, simple joys, and that each of us will not get so caught up with the daily living, that we are oblivious to those blessings.  I need to remind myself of that so often.

Thank you for stopping by.


Debbie said...

Melody uses her phone in a pinch too to entertain Sam and keep him busy, haha. Works well at the doc's office. The picture of your view is just gorgeous. Soo restful and pretty. Have a wonderful week-end sweet Judy!

debi said...

Very, very adorable :-)
Love those first to little man..

Have a great weekend!


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Glad you were there to get photos of both scenes!

a woman who is said...

Making a quit stop in blog land and I had to see what you have been up too. I am going to be especially looking for those simple little joys this week, and I believe my blog stop here was the first one <3

lindsey said...

So sweet. I have a short video clip of grandpa barn dancing which keeps Gilby quiet when need be :)


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