Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An evening out, at our friend's lovely country home, for a group of friends to spend time together.  Two friends hosted the evening.

One of the hostesses set a lovely Fall tablescape.  Wouldn't you agree with me?  She used some real and some faux pieces to complete the centerpiece.

This lovely lady, is a friend of one of the hostesses.  She lived in the Phillipines and learned to cook Filipino food.  Last evening she shared her cooking skills with us and prepared a delightful Filipino dinner.  She gave us the privilege to help her in the kitchen.

For the first time in my fifty some years, I helped to peel Quail eggs, that had been hard boiled, cooled and were ready to peel.

Tediously, we peeled each tiny egg, to be added to the soup before serving.

Her egg rolls were the perfect size, made with olive oil, and tasted so good!
The small pieces of salmon, melted in our mouths.

The fresh fruit tart was the best way to end the meal.  They were brimming full with sweet tasting fruit.

Two friends take time to pose for a picture.  The friend on the right was one of the women who gracioulsy hosted this fun event, and the friend on the left has been my friend since we were sixteen years old.

The homeower's kitchen window vignette.  It's color and arrangement was simple, yet elegant.  In daylight you would be able to look out over their Alpaca farm.

We celebrated two special November birthdays.
From left to right, my sister, me, and our good friend.
Growing old isn't so bad, with good friends to celebrate with.

Each place setting was presented with creative thought.

The evening was a memorable one.  We talked, laughed, learned a new way to prepare food, ate, and celebrated birthdays together.
Thanks for joining me this evening.
Thanks also to my sister, for sharing some of these pictures with me.


Crickit said...

It looks like a lovely evening with friends. I love all of the Fall colors.

a woman who is said...

It looks like a fun evening with special friends.

lindsey said...

Amazing decorations and I can believe the food was just as amazing...looks like you all had a great eveining. Thanks for sharing!

debi said...

You look so beautiful in that photo...I trust it's Jesus shining through :-)
Love an evening with the gal friends....may have to blog on it soon?
Have a blessed day....


Sassy Granny ... said...

Wow. It's true: Birds of a feather flock together! Everybody in your photogenic world has such creative !

I love spending time with friends. It's such a good investment with amazing returns. Those smiles tell the entire story!

corners of my life said...

I wish our gatherings were as pretty as yours.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for sharing your fun times with friends. Wonderful decor...and amazing food!


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