Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My "dream day" today.
I woke up early and took a stroll through the many gardens of the estate, noticing just how well manicured and weeded the grounds were.

I sat for hours with my friend and discussed aspects of our lives, all the while taking in the aroma of honeysuckle from the nearby bushes.

We were continually served hot tea and coffee in fine china cups.

A fresh bouquet of flowers from the gardens was delivered to our table, one for each of us to take along home.

Dinner was served outdoors in fine fashion, with crisply ironed linens and coordinating dishes.

On each of the china plates was a delicate and fragrant rose. Delicious food and stimulating conversation took this event into the late hours.

At the end of my day, I stepped into this beautifully decorated bedroom after a long leisurely bath filled with pink rose petals.
It was quite a memorable "dream day" today.
Truthfully, in reality here is what my day consisted of today...

...keeping three precious little ones, all day. Meals, naps, potty time:), snacks, crafts, playing outdoors including falls needing bandaids, and baths before bedtime. Although my day was not even remotely like the day I could dream about, I would not have traded today for any other day. The house is quiet now, and the toys are picked up. Minutes, hours, and days go by so quickly, and they are young for a short amount of time. I feel blessed to be a close part of their lives. Someday maybe, the tea parties may come...but for now I am thankful for the reality of today, and I am really tired. Good night!
Magazine pictures from
"Country Homes and interiors" and "The English Summer" magazine.


LisaShaw said...

Oh Judy, can you hear me laughing?

I missed the word "dream-day" and as I read and viewed the photos I thought, "wow what a peaceful and enjoyable time she had with a friend" until I reached the special photo of those beautiful grand babies and read what you wrote and cracked up.

Yes, they are young for such a small amount of time -- enjoy them. I'm still praying for ours to relocate near us. Until then several weekly phone calls and once or twice per yr visits will have to do.

I love you and your beautiful family! You ended up having a great day anyway with those playful full of energy and life bundles of JOY!

Linda said...

I loved your "dream day", Judy! Count me in! But I also have to admit that I just love those darling grandkids of yours, too.

a woman who is said...

Oh what a lovely life you are leading! They are growing so quick, we older mamma's know only too well. I will babysit all that I can for the same reason...but gosh oh golly gee, I get so wiped out too!!!!

In your dreams you sit in gardens and sip tea, and that is perfectly wonderful too, for this season right here, right now...blessings and good night!

Rick/Ruthie said...

What a creative post! I thoroughly enjoyed the smiles of your 3 grands and was happy for you to be able to enjoy them. Since mine are so far away I can't enjoy them in the same way you do but rejoice with you. Hope you had a good night of rest!

Rach said...

Would be a beautiful day for sure!

Jeane` said...

Thank you for forsaking your dream world to make my reality a little more managable!!! Love you! (and the crafts you had the children do--or rather, you did for the children!) ;)

Corners of My Life said...

Either day would be a blessing for me. Thanks for the virtual tour of both.

Miss Debbie said...

We've had our grandson the last two weekends and he is coming back this Sat. I, too, am grateful that he is close enough to do that. It is tiring, but like you, I wouldn't choose to do anything else!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I know exactly whereof you speak! How can one get so tired of simply 'playing' with children all day? But like you said...those are the best of times...and ones I would not trade for anything.

Sweet photo...of your three grands...sitting in their 'dream room' with their favorite grandmother!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Sigh.... A rose petal bath and tea in a beautiful garden! What a lovely drean, but your right, there is nothing quite like spending an afternoon with the grands and they do grow up so quickly. It's amazing how much my older grands remember of all the wonderful times we spent together :>) You are creating memories that will last a life time ♥


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