Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Prelude to Strawberry Season

Valentine's Day weekend...these huge, delicious chocolate covered strawberries were the rage at this Farmer's Market stand. As fast as they created them, they sold them, boxes and boxes of them. This year's crop was exceptionally large and sweet. Don't you think this would be a perfect gift?

Trays of dipped and decorated strawberries were getting ready to be sold...

...each one lovingly created by these two pretty ladies. Thanks to my sister, who was fortunate enough to visit this stand on an extremely busy weekend in February and captured these photos. Sure does make me eager for our strawberry season in this county.

Our own "pastry chef" created these fresh strawberry, blueberry and raspberry cupcakes last week. She baked a light yellow cupcake recipe, cut it in half, filled it with a combination of chopped strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in light Cool Whip, topped with swirled lt. Cool Whip and sprinkles, then refrigerated.

Her sister gave her this cupcake stand for Christmas. She made these creations for a get together with her friends. Light, refreshing and delicious is how I would describe them. Strawberry season will be here before we know it...hopefully!!!


LisaShaw said...

Hi Judy,

I could just dive into those Strawberry's! Looks delicious. I enjoy when fresh Strawberry's are in season because I make Banana and Strawberry smoothies at home and I love that! I also enjoy them both cut up with nuts and mixed in french vanilla yogurt. Mmmm good.

Thanks so much for your encouragement on my blog. Attacks? Yes the more I say YES LORD over the many years, the more the enemy attacks but that's ok because I belong to GOD.

I love and appreciate you dear friend. You're a blessed gift to my life from GOD. Praying for you and your family.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh I LOVE strawberry season! I have made these dipped strawberries as a gift before. Most people LOVE them!!!

.....And the cupcakes are so pretty!

Thanks for the sweet comment today! I love love love your blog!

Country Dreaming said...

Cupcakes--my thing right now. YUM!

Hopefully the freeze in Florida won't make the prices just sky high.



Landis said...

The other day I was just daydreaming of strawberries and warm summer days. Slowly but surely! I need to sample your daughter's work. It looks sooo good! I'm so thankful for your encouragement. You are a sweet blessing!

Rach said...

MMMM. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

YUm. I think I need a strawberry for breakfast dessert.

Your daughter's cupcakes look most tempting as well!

Debbie said...

I have never had a strawberry like that but I would like to. I bought some huge stawberries recently and I was surprised to find them so sweet! They were perfect; I usually sprinkly some sugar on after I clean them before refrigerating. Hope to find more soon!
Cupcakes look delish:b

sonja said...

I'll have one of each please!!!

Growing up in Califonria, right next to my parents home, there was a farmers field of strawberries and they were honestly as big as a fist!

Spring is coming!!!



Happy@Home said...

The strawberries look like the perfect treat for Valentine's Day (or any day, for that matter :)
Your daughter's cupcakes sound soo good and are so pretty too. Love the cupcake holder. It makes for such a nice presentation.

lindsey said...

Wow, a mouth watering post today Judy! I cant believe those chocolate stawberries and the cupcakes are amazing....lovely stand too!

Jeane` said...

My personal favorite is still your Bisquick shortcake, strawberries from the amish farm, cold milk and whipped cream. It doesn't get much better than that. Unless it's peach season.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Both treats look so tantalizing Judy! I am looking forward to strawberry season in June. I actually grow strawberries in a pot in my back yard.

That is the perfect cupcake stand!

Anonymous said...

I also love strawberry season. These strawberries look so delicious. Even better than that is the way they are presented. Your daughters cupcakes look yummy too. Both would be great to serve at a tea. I hope you have a wonderful day ♥


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