Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Good Morning to you my blogging friends! Yes, we are once again in the midst of another huge winter storm. It is unbelieveable that we, in this part of the country would experience two major winter snow storms in one week's time. I know what you all were thinking...what snow pictures is she going to share again today? Doesn't she know we are somewhat bored of her snow pictures? Well, I decided to go another route today and perhaps it is just to encourage my heart that, yes, Spring and Summer is coming.
Over the years I have really enjoyed seeing the many beautiful tablescapes that you all share. Your creative and colorful tablescapes are some of the blog posts I find myself looking forward to seeing.
Recently I found these pictures from a birthday party brunch that I served on my screened-in porch. It seems like a long time ago, although it was only the summer of 2009. Fortunately, it was a clear, warm Saturday the day of the brunch.

Flowers are from the garden out back. Favors are my favorite bars of soap, wrapped in pretty Dollar Store wrapping paper, tied with bows and a tiny crystal.

My friend painted this "Welcome" sign for me on an old blackboard that I found at a flea market. This vignette is displayed on an old kitchen table on my porch.

In one corner of the porch is this little table, where two of my grandchildren eat their meals in the summer.

And, in another corner are little, old wicker rockers that they spend time playing on.

Hopefully, you don't mind that I shared these pictures from my archives, but maybe it will create an anticipation for the warmer weather that will be coming...maybe.


Happy@Home said...

I didn't mind your snow pictures at all. But, I must admit that at this stage of the winter season your photos today are a very welcome sight. It warmed me up just looking at them.
Your screen porch is so pretty and the way you have decorated it for this birthday brunch is gorgeous. It looks like it should be in a magazine. The birthday girl must have felt very special to be entertained in such a gracious and lovely manner.

lindsey said...

Lovely photo's. Anything to remind us that spring is just around the corner is fine by me! And what a beautiful porch you have....the table looks fantastic too!

Rach said...

Lovely tablescape! Everything looks so cozy.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Judy, it is just divine. What a pleasure to look at this gorgeous table! I love every single spring like touch.

Take good care of yourself....hoping for better weather for you and soon!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh, that porch is calling my name. I can just FEEL the warmth of the summer sun while having lunch there. Your tablescape is so pretty. Thank you for sharing this *hope* of sunshine in the midst of dreary,winter days!

Oh, and what a GREAT idea to give your favorite soap as a favor.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

That's the thing about season's...we are always anticipating the next one. Each one has it's own beauty! I can see where you may be tiring a little of winter...and are dreaming of eating on the porch.

Your brunch table looks most inviting...I'd love to join that party!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Judy. That is how I felt about all my snow pictures. I don't mind seeing all the pics. I just the pictures you put up. I have to admit the tablescape peaked my interest. We are planning a bridesmaid luncheon for our granddaughter in a few weeks. I like the nice bar of soap name tags. I am gathering ideas of course.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

What a charming corner for a party.

Hope the snow only brings you pretty views. All those power outages are sounding scary.

Cottage Cozy said...

Wow, Judy...aren't you so fortunate to have such a beautiful screened patio to entertain. What a wonderful summer party that must have been!

Your sweet comments always make my day, Judy! Thank you so much for your constant kindness! I appreciate you!

Fondly, Carrie

Stay Warm...brrrr

lindsey said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog son in law, Andy takes great photo's and my son Ben is a fashion photographer so they get all the poses! Ben is in NY at the moment doing some shoots, one of which is for Marc Jacobs.

lindsey said...

Great getting your comments too Judy! Ben is a photographer not a model. Exciting work but hard going a lot of the time. Check out his website

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I always love the snow pictures....It is not a common site we all want it

Jeane` said...

The porch looks downright delicious!! I'm one of those few lucky readers who has experienced it firsthand!
For snowy pictures, come on over to the Coffee Cottage. :)

Love you,

LisaShaw said...

Oh how absolutely beautiful Judy. Wish it was now and that I was sitting there with you and your family and friends.

Thank you for sharing some summer sunshine and beauty with us.

Thank you also for your love and encouragement. You're a special person.

Country Dreaming said...

What a pretty table and porch--reminds me of Easter.
Which is coming down the bunny trail! :)


sonja said...

What time does it start??

Gram said...

I love your porch. I can hardly wait until it is warm enough to be outside! I love the favor idea - may borrow it!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

You set a lovely table, Judy! And your porch is so pretty and inviting! Plus all the foliage and greenery peeking in is making those longings for Spring a bit stronger!
Even thought I live in snow country, I aways see the beauty in freshly falling snow and I never tire of snow storms in the winter. So I've enjoyed all your pictures and glad you have found it somewhat exciting.
Spring will be a long time coming yet for us in the Northeast-but it's so nice to see what we have to look forward to.
With Love from the Cabin,
Claudia O.

Tracy said...

Just what the doctor ordered! I have enjoyed the snow, but boy are those scenes something I'm greatly looking forward to at this stage in the winter!

Your screened porch looks so beautiful and welcoming! Especially loved that beautiful table setting. What a blessed birthday girl! = )


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