Thursday, February 2, 2017

 Good Morning Dear Blogging Friends!

Once again, I took a break.  One of the reasons for this absence, was because of this
fine looking cowboy.  You see, he had a birthday in the month of January, and it
was not just any birthday, it was his 65th birthday.  And, totally out of his usual
practice, he planned his own birthday celebration.  He made reservations to visit
his younger brother, at the ranch in CO. 

Gratefully, he made reservations for me too.:) 
After 40 some years of marriage to this guy, I was still
excited to head west with him.  His younger brother, who was born when
he was 14 years old, has always held a special place in his heart, and
spending time with him, along with his nephew, and his sister's
son, who all happen to work at the same guest ranch, was the best way
he could possibly hope to spend his birthday.
I must tell you, that I was quite hesitant to share this happening
with the blogging world.  Being the somewhat private person that
I am, I felt maybe it would not be a good idea to share it all.

BUT, I decided that it was just way to beautiful to not share!  It was one of those
once in a lifetime experiences, especially since it took place during one of those
historic snow events.  Where the ranch is located, they had 90 inches of snow
within a two week time period, and we were there in the midst of it.

 Here is the scene we would take in, whenever we walked out of the front cabin door. 

When we walked out of the back door of our cabin, these are the two scenes we were
greeted with each evening.

The lights in the cabins, and the stillness of the night, made it seem magical.

This is my handsome brother-in-law.  He has been managing the guest ranch for the
last 10 years.  The job fits him perfectly!  His warm, welcoming, caring personality
makes everyone feel happy to be there.  I admire that he can sit down at
any table of guests, and strike up engaging conversations.  The people love him!
It is so easy to understand why that is so.  What a gift he has been given of
real, genuine hospitality!

Even his loyal buddy loves him so, and faithfully waits outside on the porch every
morning, watching longingly, his every move.

Watching these three fine men, in their roles of this successful operation, was a
real privilege for my husband and I.  Front left to right, his nephew, his brother.
Back left, his sister's son, and the now "65 year old" birthday boy.

After three days of heavy snow, the sun welcomed us on the morning of the forth day.  It
was such a glorious sight!!!

The next few posts will be sharing some of the highlights from our week, at this
location in the Colorado mountains.  Please stop by if you wish.  And, I want to thank
you all so much for your comments and emails while I was gone.  No matter what
you think of blogging, I cannot tell you what a blessing it is in my life.



jem60 said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure it is breath taking to see all the snow and the beautiful scenery. God is good. Glad you had a wonderful time

momsmoker said...

Could you email me the name of this guest ranch. My family would like to vacation at a guest ranch. My email is Thank you!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So very beautiful...with all that snow! What a memorable milestone birthday that turned out to be for your hubby. I see the resemblance between the brothers. Thanks for choosing to share your Colorado getaway with us.

Just a little something from Judy said...

To Momsmoker,
The ranch is Vista Verde Ranch, and can be found here, at

sharon said...


Carla said...

Love the pictures Judy!!! That place is Heaven on earth!


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