Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sometimes, one is blessed with a gift of a few days, to step out of the daily routine
of life, and spend a few days in the mountains.  That is what we were given this
past weekend.  Friends invited us to join them at their mountain home, with some
other couples.

We took turns making the meals.  Can you imagine how good this cinnamon roll
smelled as it came out of the oven on Saturday morning!!!

What a masterpiece, that tasted even better than it looked!

Our host and hostess for the weekend, provided us warm, gracious hospitality.

Time to hike together, at the local state park, and take in the unusually warm,
February sunshine.

And, time to play many hands of Rook, along with a huge dose of laughter.
It was good for the soul!

Nature does provide a time to break away from the fast paced life, and take in the beauty
of it all.  We all came home, refreshed and grateful for the hours to do just that.

Thank you for stopping by!


lindsey said...

What an amazing weekend you had!I would love to have enjoyed a slice of that huge cinnamon role, one of my favourites :)
Such a blessing to spend time with good friends and to relax in beautiful countryside, the weather looked great too.

Anneliese said...

Sounds perfect! We are so blessed to have good friendships.


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