Thursday, August 4, 2016

There are many times lately, where the to-do lists, the packing, the decisions, and the too few
hours in the day, cause me to be too focused on one hand, and yet too distracted on the
other hand, to notice the blessings that are all around me. 

Simple blessings.  I want to be aware of them.  I want to appreciate them and to be so thankful
for them.  Most of all, I want to look for them, in the everydayness of life.

~Like the abundance of fresh fruits gracing every roadside stand and produce section
of our county stores.

~Like this pretty chandelier that my husband purchased for me on my 40th birthday, and he
just had transferred for me, from the house where I live now, to the house where I am moving
to.  It's lights add ambience in any room where it is placed, and it always reminds me of how
it helped me to leave the thirties and enter the forties, those many years ago:).

~Like the multitudes of vibrant colored flowers that I see everywhere.  Perfectly created, designed,
and growing, adding huge doses of beauty everywhere I look.

~Like having my Mother-in-law visits and the kind, upbeat lady that she is to
all of us.  Here we stopped at one of our favorite country roadside gardens, and
picked up these flowers to brighten up her small apartment.  Five dollar bouquets
make me so happy, and made her happy too.

~Like the fact that my granddaughters still enjoy coming and working in my kitchen with me. 
Whether it is making tiny chocolate chip cookies, or...

~Or painting used jars with glow in the dark paint. and then adding battery operated
votive candles inside.

~Like the healthy looking crops of corn that are growing in every field in our countryside.  I
don't remember seeing the corn crop this abundant for years.  Truthfully, I drive right
past it all so often, without even recognizing the gift it is to everyone.

~Or, like the gathering of a dear group of ladies from our small church, when we raised our
coffee cups in celebration of the last chemo treatment for the beloved friend, in our midst. 

~Like the gorgeous summer evenings that we have had lately!  When the sun begins to set, the
green of every hue, produces scene after scene of indescribable beauty.  I captured this picture
last night, from the back seat of my husband's motorcycle. 

Riding cycle with him on roads like this, offers a time of therapy for me.  A time of clearing my
mind, and readjusting my focus.  I cannot get over the amazing beauty that I see no matter
where I look.

You see, I really don't want to be so consumed with "life", and all that entails, that I miss the simple blessings that are everywhere around me.  At times, one must look more for blessings
than at other times, but, one thing for sure, they are always there, in one form or another.

I discovered this song recently and it was encouraging to me.  I thought maybe you
might like it too.

Thank you for stopping by!  What simple blessing are you thankful for today?


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for taking time out from all your busyness to remind us all of the everyday things in our lives that may be passing us by! There is always much to be thankful for!

All the best as you make your big move to a new homE.

debi said...

Judy what great photos. Those granddaughters are certainly growing up fast...
Thankful for much, thankful I stopped by.


Anneliese said...

Thank you for this beautiful and important reminder to count our blessings. To name them one by one. .. . Even and especially so when we are busy.

corners of my life said...

Having moved recently I know what a daunting task it is. One day at a time. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new digs.


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