Monday, September 29, 2014

Months ago, I visited a DIY blog and I remembered something that impressed me.

On the site, the blogger admired elegant glass hurricane lamps that she saw at the "Williams
and Sonoma" store.  Truly, they were beautiful!  Being the creative person that she is, she
copied them in a dollar store fashion:).
The blog where I found this creativity, was...
Scroll down through Melissa's gallery and you will find these lamps, along with many
other lovely projects that she created.

Fast forward to last week, when I visited the Dollar Tree store, and decided to copy the
idea, because I wanted a Fall centerpiece for my table.  This idea is so simple and most
inexpensive, and can be adapted to whatever you want it to be.

Two clear glass cylinders.  Two clear glass candle holders.

Some strong glass glue.  I used what I had, E-6000 clear transparent glue.  On the DIY blog,
she used a glue gun. 
I glued the rim of the candle holder and then positioned the glass cylinder to it.  I let it set
for24 hours to make sure the glue was dry.

I took two of my tall thin water glasses and set them inside
the cylinder.  I added a small white votive candle.
Then, to decorate the hurricane lamps, I slid some faux leaves, and
some leaves from the tree out front, to the inside space.
The pack of leaf napkins were also purchased at the Dollar Tree,
and will look nice with the candles.

I do think these hurricane lamps would make a special gift for someone too.

When the Fall season is over, I will find other ways to decorate these hurricane lamps.  The
pictures don't really show the beauty of these simple pieces, especially when the candles
are lit.  Some ideas I have for changing them...sliding ferns, or faux snowflakes, or fine
evergreen branches, or faux pansies for Spring, into the space between the glass and
the cylinder. The list is endless.

Oh, and while I was a the Dollar Tree, I found these pretty, jewel toned votive
holders, and purchased a few of them to set on my kitchen room divider shelf.

On this Monday, I thought I would share my fun dollar store purchases.  I am also thankful
for bloggers like Melissa at 320 Sycamore blog, for sharing her ideas and for inspiring me
to make fun changes in my own home, via dollar store excursions:)

Today is "National Coffee Day", a favorite day in my book:) 

Thank you for stopping here! 


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

More good ideas! E-6000 is my favorite so well for all my glass projects. Thanks for inspiring me to get on with the fall decor.

debi said...

What great ideas, I may attempt it, really beautiful!!

Hugs Special friend!

Happy@Home said...

I'm so glad you shared this idea, Judy. It looks so simple, yet the results are really beautiful. I love the looks of the candlelight through the leaves and I especially like the idea of customizing them to different seasons and holidays.

Kim - Exquisitely Unremarkable said...

Amazing! I am always astounded by the creativity of others. What a super look. I am off to the dollar store! Thanks for sharing!

Anneliese said...

You do such creative things with candles. The thin water glasses inside the cylinder are so pretty with the leaves.


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