Monday, September 22, 2014

It was noon time and we were hungry.  We came to the small, quiet town of Villa Grove, CO,
and stopped at the General Store and Café, for our lunch.  Immediately upon pulling into the
stone covered parking lot, we knew we were in for an unique experience.

We sent our two trustworthy scouts into check out the place and let us know if the
recommendations that we had been given, were indeed true.

The fact that a young man was fast asleep, on the bench in front of the store, was the first hint
to us, that we indeed were in for memorable lunch experience.  The fact that this building
has operated as a General Store since the 1800s, made us more curious than ever, as we
anticipated eating our lunch here.

Before entering the side door of the cafe', we explored the flower laden back
porch of the establishment.  Homemade musical instruments lined the porch, all
painted black and white.  One could tell right away, that those who operated this
café, put love and care into tending the cozy porch. 

Upon entering the Cafe', we discovered décor that took us all back, to
another time and era, with the brightly painted walls, and the soft country music
pouring through the place.  Artwork filled the walls, and the aroma of good
food, welcomed us.

We each found ourselves reading this poster on the side wall.  It resonated with our hearts,
and some of us took pictures of it, so that we could remember it's valuable advice.

The owner's wife greeted us warmly, with a type of hospitality that a group
of hungry bikers longed for.  Not only did she extend kind, gracious western
hospitality, but she too, cooked the food that was ordered from the menu.
Even the finest of restaurants could not produce such delicious tasting tomato bisque as this dear
lady did!  Truly, the best of ways to eat hometown cooking, on a Monday afternoon in CO!

When we inquired about the marimba sitting behind our table, she offered to play it for us. 
What a gifted lady! 

In the small, glass front cabinet, the most scrumptious looking coconut cream pie caught our
attention.  For a brief moment, we thought of ignoring it, but then on second thought, we
ordered one slice, and four forks.  The rest is but a pleasant memory.  The pie was amazing!
Another talent of our newly found friend:)

As we pulled out of the parking lot, back on our journey again, I could not help but reflect on
the husband and wife we met, and how their gracious, and welcoming personalities, truly made
a difference in our day.   A general store, operating since the 1800s, now was etched in each of
our minds as a very special memory.  It helped me realize that, on a trip like we were on,
kindness continues to create lasting impressions.  We found this to be true throughout our
entire trip, upon meeting up with the nicest, caring people.

Our next meal stop...........Crested Butte, CO. 

And, once again, our server at the pizza restaurant created another fun memory for the eight of us. 

It is Monday morning.  Another week is on the horizon.  May I remind you, if you happen
to operate a restaurant or café in any town of America...... just remember, no matter how tired
you may feel of your job, or how mundane your duties may seem, there are people
like us, who might walk in the door today. And YOU truly can make a difference for them.
When each of us think back to the food establishments we ate at, we remember the
people we met, who made our visit so memorable.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Stacey said...

Fun fun fun! Let me just say don't look like some of the bikers I see around town. You are much prettier :)

Anneliese said...

Such a great tribute to people you met and reminder of the difference that showing kindness makes in our lives. Reminds me of the old song, Let me be a little kinder ...
I also have to agree with the pretty biker comment!

lindsey said...

This looks like a great place to stop and eat and enjoy the company. I'm enjoying your road trip

debi said...

What a fun trip that must have been, and such beautiful scenery!
I love when we find little diamonds in the rough for dining :-) They make for some great memories...


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What good memories of your road trip in Colorado...and the people who made an impact along the way. We too have met many wonderful people along the highways and bi-ways of North America...people who have made our travels most memorable.

And yes...A great looking group of bikers!

Happy@Home said...

That sounds like an unforgettable experience. Not only a delicious lunch, but warm hospitality and an interesting establishment. Sure does beat one of the chain restaurants.
I smiled at Stacey's comment. I must admit when I hear the term "biker", a sweet and pretty lady like you is not what comes to mind :D.


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