Thursday, August 14, 2014

My grandma had a garden.  Well, actually she had gardens...flower gardens and
produce gardens.  She lived simply and was frugal in her summer work.  Summer was
hard for her, and work was what she did.  Summers were not for relaxing, or vacationing,
or visiting with others on the side porch.  No, she worked.  She grew the produce, tended
her gardens, kept the weeds at bay, and picked the ready fruits and vegetables whenever
they were ripe.  But, at that point, her job was not over.  No, she canned the tomatoes,
the pickles, the applesauce, and the peaches.  She cut and froze the corn. 
Along with growing, tending, putting away food for the winter, she had a
roadside stand at the end of the long, stone driveway.  She filled boxes of
strawberries, lima beans, green beans, and sugar peas to be sold.
She had neatly made signs, with the pricing on them.
Many a summer morning or afternoon hours, I would sit on the chair by the
wooden table, and sell her wares for her.  I clearly remember it all.
I remember the metal silver box where I was told to keep the money.
I remember running in the lane to get more needed nickels and dimes
to give as change to the customers.
For many summers of my early years, you would find me, along with
my mother, sisters and brothers, on my grandparent's working farm.
Interestingly enough, I never remember my grandma or my mother ever
complaining about all they had to do. 
So you see, this is probably the reason I so enjoy stopping at the
abundant roadsides stands, that still grace the countryside in my
part of the world.  I find solace when I visit them.  I know
what hard work is required to make them profitable, and
for a few moments, it transports me back in time.
For me, the lessons of the garden from my grandmother,
produce far more than just what meets the eye, and what
I can share with you on this blog.  She shared great wisdom
and a positive attitude, in her love for her God and her family.
Today, I share the above collage with you.  I took the pictures in my
visit to some local roadside stands recently.
I do hope you find beauty, wonder, and delight in it all, as I do.

Down the road from one of the stands is a gravel pull off area.  I stopped the car by the creek,
and could not resist taking these pictures.  I found tranquility here.  I found beauty that no
man could create or copy.  I discovered peaceful rippling water, and lush green foliage.

 "Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments."    ~Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it."
~George Moore

Perhaps this poem, reflects the memories you hold in your heart, from
childhood summers, with a different slant to it, than my grandma's summers.  I read it's
words, and wanted to share it with you.

Summer Shade

"It could have been just yesterday
The way the memories are remade
That I claimed the canvas hammock
Hanging in the summer shade.

In Grandma's wide backyard
With fruit ripening on the trees
I was young but had my dreams
And could do just as I pleased.

On days with clouds I'd see images
Or gaze dreamily at the blue
Pushing myself back and forth
I could linger the whole day through.

And might have done just that
If it weren't for the fresh lemonade
Topped with just a sprig of mint
Served at a table in the shade.

It could have been just yesterday
But many a year has gone
But when I think of summer...
These memories linger on."
~Copied from the book, "Simple Country Pleasures".

Fresh lemonade with a sprig of mint, just for you today.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Judy, I loved this post. It brought a great many memories back to me. We share a little more than just our name. We used to cross over a creek just like that one on a bridge that my dad and grandfather built. I, too, would sell corn up on the county road and remember riding my bike back down to the house to get more when it sold out. I suppose that is why I love the Farmer's Market now also..
Thanks for the memories and have a great weekend..Judy

debi said...

Beautiful photos, precious and priceless memories...

Thanks for sharing and allowing us to take the time to see the whole story....


lindsey said...

Lovely photos Judy and how wonderful to have that experience in your heritage. I love the idea of growing and preserving what is grown, in the past I have been able to do that. Our last garden had lots of fruit trees. But now with the lack of trees and less time I havent done so much. Your post is a reminder to me to get into action, I have a little plum tree with some fruit on it and i plan to add some bought fruit and make jam with what I have. We have a little goosberry bush in our Welsh garden and I added more to what just grew there and managed a few jars of jam from that. Your grandmother sounds like she was an amazing woman and I am sure she was so blessed with her childrena dn grandchildren to help her :)

Anneliese said...

I love what you shared about your grandma and how you tended the stand for her. What great life lessons and memories for you now.


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