Monday, January 6, 2014

We think it is cold here, but look what the temps look like near our daughter and
son-in-law's home.  She sent us a picture of the temps there...-21 degrees, with wind
chill...-47 degrees.

My husband was outside this evening and the temperature was 27 degrees with wind.
He said it felt bitter cold.  We can't image living where they do.

He felt hot chocolate was the perfect thing to warm up with.

 I cleared my Christmas decorations from the kitchen cupboard and redid it using
 my old glassware.  It is a fun cupboard to make changes to.

The scene outside my family room window today.  

Winter is here to stay.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you stay warm.


lindsey said...

Oh dear I wouldn't cope with those temperatures either.
Your cupboard looks so pretty, you always create a warm welcoming feeling and I would love to pop on over for a cup of coffee :)
We havent had any snow here, just LOTS of rain,wild winds and awful flooding in other parts of the country. I am hoping the sunshine will arrive soon. Have a wonderful day!

Happy@Home said...

Brrr, that is COLD. It is cold here too, but thankfully not that cold.
I think your husband has a good idea with the hot cocoa and you sure do know how to make it look pretty.
I just love the changes you made to your kitchen cabinet. The flowers on the china remind us that spring can't be too far off and the lights make it all look so warm and cozy.
I am behind in my blogging, but wanted to thank you for the extra sweet comment you left for me, Judy. I do appreciate it.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

That's just too cold! Enjoy your hot chocolate and stay indoors.

Anneliese said...

I got a hint of Valentines when I saw you beautiful newly set up cupboard! It's coming.... even though it's cold out. Slowly the days are getting longer and soon we will be buying tulips. I look forward to that.


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