Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is what I found today on my mother's patio, in the shade, at 12:00 noon.
Not to mention the high humidity.
So, I decided to share a few things that I feel just might help by adding comfort to the situation we all find ourselves in.
Maybe, if your week is a hot one, it may help you too.

This is now one of my husband's favorite desserts!  They are "snack size", which means they are only a few bites of amazing goodness!
They contain most of the items he most enjoys in the world of sweets.
I can't tell you how many boxes I buy and keep in my freezer.

This is the way I sometimes serve them for guests.  I use my mother's pretty crystal dishes from when she was a young wife, add a bit of crushed ice in each one, tied a ribbon (for fun) around each stick, and serve them on a decorative tray.
Sometimes I sit a battery operated tea light, in a crystal holder on the tray, also.

I can't think if an easier, or tastier dessert!  The box of six bars was $ 4.59, just in case you wanted to know:)

I made these homemade popsicles for my grandchildren today.  I found the recipes on Allrecipes.com
I chose to use the vanilla ice cream instead of the vanilla pudding, because people had suggested that on the web site.  I think either one would taste good.

I made two flavors of Jello in my sprayed loaf pans.  When firm, I removed them and cut it up into tiny squares.  I mixed the Jello squares with 2 cups of melted vanilla ice cream, and stirred it softly together.

I always liked vanilla ice cream and Jello together.  My mother used to make that combination for us when we were children.

I poured the mixture into individual containers

I found these colorful spoons at Walmart for $1.89.  I used them as the popsicle sticks.  I froze the mixture in white Dixie cups and in clear glass votive holders.  The Dixie cups with the sticks will be eaten as the popsicles.  The other ones, I will serve as they are, with a spoon in each one.

I sat the entire tray in my freezer for a few hours, until mixture is firm.

Popsicle anyone???

And, if I decide to have a frozen treat for myself, this is my bar of choice:)

According to my taste buds, these strawberry smoothie bars are so delicious!  I feel better eating one of these than the coffee almond crunch bars above, but...let it be known, I would prefer those, anytime and anywhere.

But, if you prefer keeping your "little something sweet" on the light side, you may want to try these bars too.

This my friends, is my absolute favorite way to keep cool, hands down.  I make it a rule to drink lots of water, and this is the way I would choose to carry out that rule, including the sprig of mint tea from my mother's outdoor pot.
I am so thankful for clear, cold water.
I am thankful for you too, because it just would not be fun to do a post and not have anyone read it.
So thanks again for stopping by.
I do hope you stay cool today!


Happy@Home said...

It seems you have come up with something for everyone, Judy. I especially like your unique way of serving the ice cream bars to guests.
I agree with you on the water. Nothing seems to quench my thirst in the summer quite like a cold glass of water. Of course the lemon and mint sprig make it a more beautiful and exciting treat for the tastebuds.

Melinda said...

Oh yummy!
Lots of tasty treats
for a hot day.


lindsey said...

It is bed time here in the UK and I am just checking in on my lap top before I turn into bed. It is just so hot, yesterday it was 92 degrees which is pretty hot for the UK and I think today it was hotter. Your deserts have made my mouth water and so tomorrow I am going to go out and buy some of those chocolate covered lollies :) Have a great evening!

Sonja Goodson said...

I'm telling you Judy... it's a gift, your beautiful hospitality and your enticing way of serving! I want to come to your house and sit in your kitchen and just observe!! :)

Stacey said...

Mmm, those look so good. I'll let you keep the jello though. :)

Have you tried Edy's Coconut Bars? They are wonderful and not many calories.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I live how you "classed up" an ice cream bar dessert!

Anneliese said...

It's the extra little touches you add that I enjoy seeing! The ice cubes to keep the bars cold .. served up so pretty .. the special spoons and fun ideas for kids. It all spells l-o-v-e

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I love the way you serve up your ice-cream treats! Now I must see if those are available over here. Thanks for all the good ideas!


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