Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 Good morning! 

In light of the events of this week, my heart is saddened with the news stories that continue to follow that event. 
It once again, puts things in proper perspective.  Things that seemed so important and so pressing, loose some of their urgency. 

What could possibly be shared in blogland, after all that transpired?

My prayer is that I take more time to appreciate the little things.  The simple things that make me smile, during the ordinary moments of the everyday.
Here are a few of those simple, somewhat insignificant things;

Since I always like having a centerpiece on my kitchen table, here is the one I created this week.  A few limes with a crystal candleholder and a candle.  The heart salt and pepper shakers were a birthday gift to me and I think they are adorable.  Makes me want to add salt and pepper to everything:)

I took this picture of a bluejay in our backyard.  I gave a copy of the photo to my neighbor, because of her interest in birds.  Well, look what she gave back to me.  She made a copy of my picture and then placed it in this frame for me.  I smile everytime I see it on my kitchen shelf.  What a perfect photo/frame combination.

The pretty little pansey faces that fill the clear, unique vases on my kitchen shelves.  Every since I received this piece, I find it fun to fill it with little flower groupings. 

Have you tried coconut oil?  I have been using this in different capacities and all that I read about it is true, especially as a moisturizer.  I have read about it's many uses and I too am now a fan.

I have always liked trying new pens.  This is my newest favorite!  It is inexpensive and lasts so long. 

Two inexpensive packages of these fun colored, plastic travel containers, I purchased at the local drugstore.  Believe it or not, they have brought my grandchildren so much entertainment and enjoyment during their bathtime.  Last night the twins were over and they played for a half hour, pouring water from one container to another.  The funnel added to the fun for them.  Who would have thought this purchase would be such a hit?

 I also sometimes fill a huge bowl with water and set it on towels on my porch, and they use these containers in that way too.  Either way, children love filling and emptying containers of water. 

The friendly turken(combination of turkey and chicken) who brings joy to my granddaughter.  The turken and the girl have a special bond, and together, they always make me smile.

As I had my cup of coffee early this morning, I found myself reflecting on the importance of recognizing the blessings of daily life.  Having health, having all my limbs and having them function as they should, having loved ones around me, and experiencing the Spring of the year. 
In a moment's time, all that changed for so many this week, in Boston.  I can't imagine all that they are facing, especially after listening to the update on the victims, by a Boston doctor.

God, help me to never take life and it's blessings for granted.  This is what is in my heart today.

Thank you for stopping by today. 


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for reminding us us of those sweet little things that bring a smile even when the weight of the world is heavy on our hearts and minds. I love your little 'bird picture frame' using those same Sharpie pens over here...and need to check out the coconut oil. Thanks for sharing all the 'little somethings' today.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such sadness we hear and see each time we turn on the news as to what is happening in our country and world. So much heartbreak.

So nice to stop in and be filled with joy with the photos you have shared. The warmth of the candle glow, bright and cheerful colors and a sweet blondie and her loved turken (it is fun just saying that word).

The pansies are gorgeous too!

Debbie said...

As usual my spirits are lifted after visiting here so thank you for that. It REALLY is the simple things that bring us soo much joy in this life, and I join you in praying I never take any of it for granted. I have never heard of a turken, but your granddaughter is darling with hers. Enjoy your day!

Sonja said...

May I just say Judy, that your grateful and kind heart is my blessing this afternoon. You always word things with a very special grace...


lindsey said...

Thank you for this beautiful post Judy. We too have heard the awful news from Boston and are praying for those affected and for safety for those attending our marathon on Sunday. I love the photo of your granddaughter and the turken...never heard of one of those!

thistlewoodfarm said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you for the reminder to take time to breathe and count our blessings.

Have a wonderful day!

corners of my life said...

I am SO very fussy about my pens. Thanks for the tip.


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