Saturday, October 20, 2012

Late last evening I arrived home and discovered that I was sent another Picasa album from my uncle.
You see, the photography thing runs in our family, and it is seasons like Fall and scenes from our part of the world, that cause us to want to capture it all.
As I sat there in the late hour and looked at each and every picture that he had taken this past week, I couldn't help myself, I just needed to share them with you.
So, if you enjoy photography like we do, and if you have a few extra moments this weekend, you may want to scroll down through each of the ones that I shared.
Lucky me, I have lots more, but I only tried to pick out the best ones for you.
Relax and enjoy!

The splendor of the flaming foliage and the fallen leaves on the wooded floor is a breathtaking scene.


It is time to pull out the warm sweaters and put away the porch furniture.




Gazing at these pictures causes my heart to be content.  Content despite all the world and political unrest.  Content despite news headlines and local television stories that can cause turmoil in my heart in no time at all.
I want to share a few things from a book I read, written by Phillip Keller, on the subject of contentment;

"Contentment comes in a hundred hues.  Here are but a few from Mr. Keller;

The snug warmth of a well-built home keeping winter weather at bay.

The fit of a familiar, well worn jacket that has withstood a hundred storms(my husband has a jacket like this one).

Cups of hot tea and bowls of steaming soup shared with friends around the kitchen nook.

The stillness of  a star-studded night in black velvet.

The sweet melodies of fine music stirring my soul.  Old refrains full of refreshing messages from
The Most High.

Hearty laughter and high humor with deep chuckles.

The exquisite taste of clean, cool water, of fresh fruit, of newly harvested vegtables.

The happy unexpected surprises that come in the mail by letter or across the miles by phone
reminding us that others care, and pray, and share their love.

The warm grip of a friend's hand, the fond embrace that speaks solace to the soul.

The serene sense of repose that comes from being right with God my Father, right with others, right
 with my self...and creative in His care."

No leaf falls to the earth unnoticed.  Each is part of a grand design.  Because the yellow leaves and brown forest will give new life.  Leaves do not fall in vain.  After the fall  and winter disappears... spring will come.  Without fanfare, the cycle continues on year after year.

Wishing you all contentment through your weekend moments.


lindsey said...

Beautiful photo's I would love to live in that house :) I also have enjoyed your quote from the book....contentment in what God has for our lives is an amazing aim for our lives...thanks for sharing.

Happy@Home said...

Just beautiful, Judy... the photos and the thoughts. This post has been a very nice way to start my day and I do feel very content and at peace. Now I think I'll avoid turning on the TV :).

Crickit said...

Such beautiful photo's! Your uncle is quite talented...I love all of the fall colors! :)

Melinda said...

So pretty AND well said.

M :)

corners of my life said...

Lucky you indeed to have such a talented uncle.

Lovella ♥ said...

Judy, Good morning. Your photos are just beautiful. Sharing thoughts on contentment is a lovely addition to them.
Come visit MGCC this morning. There is something you will want to know =)


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