Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I got this idea from one of my favorite magazines, "Where Women Cook".
The recipe is "Breakfast Rolls on a Stick".
The recipe calls for 3 cnas of pre-made breakfast rolls, with icing included( and they used cinnamon, orange, and caramel rolls by Pillsbury for the recipe).
I used one can of the flaky caramel.

The recipe calls for 24 medium sized dowels(they can be found in the craft section of most stores).
I purchased mine inexpensively at A.C.Moore store.  They only had the long ones, but they are easy to cut to whatever size needed.

I found the recipe in the Sept/Oct/Nov 2011 edition.
It was in the "My Girlfriend's Breakfast Club" section.
They picture it so beautifully.

This was a much easier project than I imagined it to be.
~Preheat oven accoring to directions on the package of breakfast rolls.
~Open your cans(I used one can) of breakfast rolls.  Unroll the dough and wrap around the wooden dowel and place on a large cooking sheet to bake.
~While baking, take your icing and spoon it into a microwave-safe plastic bag.  Put the bag in the microwave for 10-12 seconds until the icing is runny.
~When rolls are done according to package directions, remove from oven.
~Twist the sandwich bag with the icing like a baker's pastry bag and snip a corner with scissors to make your own frosting bag.  Zigzag frosting over the sticks and immediately sprinkle and /or roll them in toppings of your choice.
~Place and serve in wide-mouth mason jars or other crockery.
Toppings for your rolls once they are frosted(they liked coconut, chopped pecans, large sugar crystals, and raisins, or whatever you choose).

Add a bow and a homemade tag and it will be a fun hostess gift or birthday gift for a friend.
It also looked nice in my white ceramic pitcher.
The "Where Women Cook" magazine offers so many great ideas, recipes, and does feature some amazing cooks. 
Thanks to the magazine for this fun and creative way to share cinnamon rolls.


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

This is such a lovely idea! They look delicious and very fun displayed on the dowels! A great gift to make someone feel special :)

Christine said...

OK, it's to late to do these tomorrow, but I sure am going to serve these as soon a possible.
How festive!

Jenny said...

These look delicious!

They reminded me of the dough sticks we used to make in girl scouts...I'll be honest, though.

Yours look a million times tastier!

Clever idea!

Judy said...

Beautiful...fun...and delicious I'm sure! We do something much like that over the campfire...and call them cinnamon snakes. The kids love them!

Kelli said...

How fun! I think I may get everything to make these for breakfast tomorrow. What a fun way to start off a Friday!

Anneliese said...

I've never heard of Where Women Cook. I'll have to tell those who ask why we are called Mennonite "girls" about that magazine. =)
Those spirals look yummy!


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