Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It may seem like I share parties and weddings frequently on this blog, but it so happens that with a big family, there are cousins that were born within a year or two of each other, thus the numerous showers and weddings.  And, since I do enjoy sharing beauty and creativity on my blog, I thought I would share the shower I attended last evening.  It was for my nephew and his fiance'.  His mother, sisters, and sister-in-law planned the evening and it was so much fun to be a part of it.  The main reason for the fun, was the warm, gracious hospitality that was extended to everyone present.  That in itself, creates the best kind of shower.  The decorations and food are secondary in my book.  But, if you are privileged to attend a shower with hospitality, well thought out decorations, and delicious food, you are blessed as I was last evening.

  The taste and eye appeal were equal in this fruit tray.  Fresh, sweet, fruit were a welcomed addition in the hot summer evening.

Pictures of the honored couple, that were captured by their brother-in-law, graced the food table and wall. 

The bouquets of color coodinated flowers were picked from relative's gardens, and arranged by his talented aunt.

The lavender paper plates were decorated with copied pictures of the bride and groom, and covered with a clear plastic plate.  What a brilliant idea!  The girls in this family certainly are gifted in the ability to plan a party, and they do make the best party sandwiches ever!!!

The bride's color choices for the wedding are lavender and coral, and looked so good on the food table.  The flowers skattered on the front of the table were done by cutting off the stems of the flowers and glueing magnet disks on the back of the flower and using another magnet disk on the other side of the tablecloth.  Idea from Martha Stewart.

The groom served iced and hot coffee drinks, that happen to be his specialty.  Not only is he a handsome barista, but he has a fun, caring personality to go with it.  Great combination!

Mini cheeseballs made from a recent Sandra Lee magazine,recipe.  I will share the simple recipe with you at a later date.  The hearts were cut out of orange peppers, with a tiny cookie cutter.  The other hearts were cut out of slices of sharp cheddar.  Platter was served with pretzel sticks, pita chips and crackers.

The favors of the evening were gorgeous cookies were baked and decorated by the future groom's oldest sister.  I was so impressed with her talent.  Along with the intricate detail, came the delicious taste too. 

Her she is, the cookie baker and designer of the evening.

The best way to end a bridal shower was with tiny dessert creations by their dear sister-in-law.  With many people chipping in to help and each addlng their contributions, it produces one memorable evening for everyone.   I must tell you, as their aunt, I just cannot believe these kids are grown ups.  Truly, it seems like only yesterday I was babysitting them and driving some of them to school.  Let's see, where does that place me in the scheme of things? 
Thanks so much for stopping by today.


Happy@Home said...

I enjoy how you share the fun, happy times in the life of your big family. It looks like so much fun and it is heartwarming to see the love that you have for one another.
This bridal shower looks like a most lovely event. Everything from the food to the flowers to the decor is beautiful. I think one of my favorite things was how your nephew was a part of it with his special coffee drinks. A very nice touch.

debi said...

Beautiful everything!


Country Dreaming said...

Looks like fun was had by all.
I'm with Happy@Home--nice to see the groom to be .


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Lovely! I love all the special on the table cloth, photos on the plates, beautifully decorated favours and the 'hearty' cheese tray.

Like you...I wonder how it is that my nieces and nephews are all grown up and getting married!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Judy, everything looks delightful and done with such care and attention to detail. Those cookies are divine! All the food looks so delicious.

What a perfect time you all must have had.

Thanks for sharing with us. I loved it.

Barb :-)

Christine said...

This Shower is very impressive. I love the paper plate idea. The flowers on the tablecloth was very clever. And the colors are truly wonderful. In the "old days",I remember the colors being very simple. Love what is being done today.

lindsey said...

I love seeing all the parties, showers, weddings etc that you share on your wonderful blog and this one is no exception...beautiful!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I love the manner in which you & yours make every gathering memorable. From flowers to food; from decor to favors ... FABULOUS!

We do a bit of the same in my own family. Like yours, there's a bushel of us; and we do love our goodies.

Thank you for sharing such simple yet lovely ways of adding charm to life.



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