Sunday, July 3, 2011

Backyard celebrations on July 4th have always been something I have enjoyed.  Last evening our daughter and son-in-law hosted their own backyard celebration.  I was not there, but I did babysit beforehand, so that she would have more time to prepare.  She sent me these pictures from their time together, and I thought they were too interesting to not share with you.  Her and her husband prepared the hot dogs and hamburgers and their friends each brought food.  I like the creativity and thought she put into preparing for the evening and knew you would like seeing it too.

Centerpieces...old canning jars filled with white hydrangeous from a friend's garden, a ribbon and flag complete the beautiful look.  Napkins...from the "Country Living" collection at KMart.

Borrowed tables, chairs, and a picnic table provided comfortable seating under the big tree in the back yard.

Two of her dear, beautiful friends "catching up" at the food table by the barn.

One of their treasured babysitters helped to feed and entertain all of the children present.

Her clever and oh, so practical way of feeding all of the children...packed luncheons in brown paper bags.  Each bag was decorated, packed ahead of time with children's favorite food, and refrigerated until time to eat. 

Plastic ware served in flea market tumblers displayed in an old Coke crate.  How clever!

Each women left with a homemade loaf of blueberry bread with a vintage inspired tag.

She might not have shared these pictures, but I knew you would enjoy seeing the simple and yet well thought out creativity she shared with some of their dear friends.

Thank you for stopping by again on this hot, summer afternoon of July.


lindsey said...

Looks like a fantastic celebration...she must have been so busy, good job you were able to go and help her out with the children before hand. Her decorations are amazing and the food bags are a great idea!

LDH said...

Thank you sharing this lovely 4th of July celebration! The set-up is so perfect and the girls are so sweet! I LOVE the packed paper sacks with the kids meals ~ fun and so cute served in the wagon. Tucking this idea way for when all of our little ones are hear next month!

Rach said...

What a great party! Love those centerpieces!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

What a darling party! Should be in a magazine! Cute, cute!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

She really knows how to host a party! It looks like every detail was looked after. What fun!

Happy July 4th to you!

BARBIE said...

Looks likd a grand party. Love the jars with the hydrangeous in them!

Happy@Home said...

I can only imagine the joy the guests to this gathering must have felt. Your daughter thought of every detail to make this a fun and festive party. Her decorating ideas are so cute and easily could be in a magazine. Having a babysitter on hand is a wonderful idea and surely appreciated by the parents. I think her idea for prepackaging the kid's meals is fabulous and the picture of her daughter in the polka dot dress is precious.
So glad you shared this with us today. Happy 4th of July to you and your family, Judy.
Forgot to mention how much I enjoyed your music this morning. It is so peaceful and pretty.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I feel like I was there too now. Thank you and please thank the party hostess for me as well.

Susan said...

Looks like lots of love went into the planning and preparing of this wonderful 4th of July celebration!
Love the red, white, and blue tables!
I'm sure your help was appreciated too! It's difficult to pull together such an extravaganza while chasing the kiddos!

momof3girls said...

I loved seeing these pictures!! What a great idea about packing the kids lunch and how cute was that in a Ted wagon! So very pretty. I am going to "pin" this cute pics on pinterest when I get done leaving a comment. I also thought the party gift of a loaf of bread with a vintage label was the cherry on top of the sunday-very cute & fun!


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