Saturday, June 18, 2011

An extra special treat during the hot months of summer, is a visit to an ice cream shop, for grown-ups and children alike.  Recently we have experienced this treat with our grandchildren and when it happens it brings back memories of my childhood.  I remember on some hot summer nights, my parents would take us to the local Twin Kiss for root beer floats in ice cold glass mugs.  What a fun memory! 
A few weeks ago we visited a small town ice cream shoppe with our daugther and youngest granddaughter.  I loved watching the excitement of our little seven month old granddaughter eagerly devouring bites of soft serve ice cream.  The shoppe that we visited offered many flavors and toppings.  Lots of fresh strawberries, vanilla soft serve and more strawberries on top, was a popular choice for most of us on the Saturday afternoon.

Our daughter's choice was chocolate soft serve with crushed waffle cone pieces.

The creatively done board displayed the varied choices, and made the decisions difficult for all of us.
What would be your favorite ice cream combination? ice cream, with chopped almonds or walnuts, and a touch of chocolate syrup.

On Wednesday evening we took three of our grandchildren to a local ice cream shop for an after dinner treat.  Even though the combinations were quite limited, the chocolate or vanilla soft serve was still a big hit on the hot summer evening.  The swing set close by was an added feature.  I wish you could have sensed their excitement over something as simple as a kiddie cup filled with ice cream.

If you have limited ice cream from your daily diet, perhaps this version of ice cream will be your choice.  I found these at the local grocery store last week.  What a creative way to sell a household necessity.  There were four flavors in all.  Chocolate chip mint and peach were the other choices in the boxes of Kleenex.  Ice cream without calories...perfect!

This is my present favorite dessert.  A way to offer my taste buds a treat without adding the additional calories to my daily intake.  Really, I think this gum tastes so good and my grandchildren would agree.  I try to keep gum as a special treat for them, but when it is given, this is their favorite flavor right now. 
There you go, many ways of enjoying an old time summer treat.
Maybe this weekend you could treat someone to an ice cream cone.  I am sure it would bring them a smile.


lindsey said...

This all sounds wonderful...I love ice cream shops but we dont have many over here, although a coffee shop in our little town has just changed to an ice cream all we need is the weather to go with it! Have a great weekend!

debi said...

Awww...I remember Root Beer floats as a kid at the original A & W when they brought your order to the car window! I thought that was a big deal :-)
I just saw those Kleenex boxes last week....I decided if I had to look at that long enough I would likely have to go buy the real thing. I have little will power with ice cream... Love your photos as always..

Kathleen said...

I gain a pound every time I visit you! ... Or I'd like to :)

I get some of my best ideas here. That doesn't mean I use them; but at least I get them.

You need to publish a book!

Judy said...

Coffee ice-cream with whipped cream and almonds served up in a waffle-cone bowl is a winning combination for me anytime.

Ice-cream is just the best summertime treat!

Shelley said...

Ice cream has got to be one of the nicest things you can share as a family together in the summer! Yesterday I had a rough day at work and the 1st thing my hubby said to me was "You look like you need an ice cream, let's go." And off we went! :-)
Hope you are enjoying your summer so far Judy! It sure looks like it! :-)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Everyone looks so good....Ice Cream is my weakness...well one of them....Happy Sunday

Christine said...

Dessert gum...very interesting.
I agree with Sassy Granny, you should write a book.


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