Thursday, November 4, 2010

I used coffee beans and items from my storage closet to dress up my kitchen island. The coffee beans have added the best aroma to my kitchen, and the candles have added the ambience that is important to me in my home.

Candles create warmth. They bathe your family and guests in a soft, romantic glow that can take you away from the everyday of daily life.
I light candles in my kitchen before I make my first pot of coffee in the morning.

A clear votive holder inside of a clear, water glass. Coffee beans poured in between the two. A few years ago I did a post where I used corn candy as the filler. I use the tea light candles. It is simple and I like the look. In the wire container above, I added a white pillar candle surrounded by coffee beans. On the outside of the glass I added a faux evergreen and berry wreath from last winter.

This unique coffee placque creation, was given to me for my birthday a few years ago. It finished the look of my coffee display for me. Now all I need is to pour a cup of hot coffee and find a few minutes to enjoy.

I also dressed up a 9 x 13 basket for a bridal shower tonight. I lined the basket with plastic wrap, cut the bottom straight across of the three colored peppers and set them in a glass dish isn the middle of the basket. Filled one with ranch dip, and two of them with home canned sweet pickles. Cut some cheese sticks in half and filled in spaces with fresh spinach leaves.

I will serve this vegtable tray with assorted crackers.

Not sure why I think you would want to know that I enjoy dressing up my kitchen island and my vegtable platters, but now you know.


Anonymous said...

I also love tea lights. They are so warm and pretty. I love that they seem to last so long and they don't let off the smoke like some of the larger candles do. Your ver tray is darling! I like the way you used the vegies as containers to hold pickles and dip. What a great idea! I hope you are enjoying your week.

Happy@Home said...

We are having a dark rainy day here today and I have my "Harvest" candle burning. Something about the little glow and the delightful scent that makes things so cozy on this kind of day.
I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the creative way that you decorated your island. It looks very pretty and I can imagine it smells very good too. I also liked to hear about your ritual for lighting the candles before you make your coffee. That sounds like such a pleasant way to begin the day.
Your vegetable tray will be a most welcome addition to the bridal shower. It is so colorful and attractively arranged. Have a fun time.

Corners of My Life said...

This is the best way ever to start your day ~ sipping coffee surrounded by your beautiful coffee display. I look forward to burning votives nestled in coffee beans. Thanks for the idea.

debi said...

Can I just move in with you for a short time so I can go through some training!! I just love your ideas...plan on stealing them too!


Country Dreaming said...

Candles make everything seem more cozy in the upcoming months.
Great idea with the coffee beans.

Have a wonderful shower this evening.


lindsey said...

I agre candles are great to have around the home. I also like the vege platters, beautiful colours!

Miss Debbie said...

I love the smell of coffee and the flicker of candlelight.....great combination! You are so very creative!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It looks most inviting over there. I'm off to replace the rocks at the bottom of my candle holder with coffee beans. Love that idea!

Note to self...when you can't find the right dip dish to match the veggie platter, use hollowed out peppers. Another good idea.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh...I love how you've decorated your island! You truly are creative in all you do.

The island looks so warm and inviting. I'd like to sit with you and sip coffee. hee...

Have a great day my friend.

a woman who is said...

Well I enjoyed all the new tricks up your sleeve to spruce up your kitchen counter. I love that some one else lights candles in the morning :)

I am all about the ambience too!

LisaShaw said...

Wow Judy, this is beautiful.

I'm a HUGE candle person but as much as I love coffee I never thought of coffee beans as a part of my decorum perhaps is that I thought the aroma would be overwhelming to others. Are your coffee beans flavored coffee aroma or??

Also, we typically use grounded coffee but I think I'd love to get a coffee maker where I can purchase the beans and ground it myself. Hmmm good.

You are such a blessing to always share your treats with us...the special way you make your house a home. Love you.

Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm not surprised. Something tells me you "create-for-company", even when no company is coming. It's in your DNA, and I love it!



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