Monday, November 15, 2010

First Christmas gift has been created. A simple experiment that actually worked for me. I had seen this idea in a magazine a few years ago and filed it away until this weekend.

What I needed to complete the task;

an old used china tea cup(so easy to find these for little cost)

a long steel pipe(conduit would be the proper name),

a flange(are you impressed that I know the name of this piece?)

and E-6000 or Gorilla glue.

I walked into the local Lowe's store and explained to the kind gentleman there what I wanted to do. He led me to this pipe and flange that went together.

I glued the cup to the saucer.

Glued the saucer to the flange.

Turned the threaded flange onto the steel pipe(conduit).

The garden bird feeder has been completed in a few uncomplicated steps.

Added a red bow, a Christmas tag...(copied from a Victoria Classics Holiday Bliss magazine). They offered a page of beautifully done tags in the back of the magazine as a gift.

Added a cellophane bag of bird seed and a piece of faux holly.

I think this will make a fun Christmas gift for a bird lover on my list.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a beautiful gift for some lucky bird lover.

I have seen those charming bird feeders...and filed the idea...and that is where it stayed. You went the distance...and it turned out great!

lindsey said...

This is amazing...well done, so clever and a great gift!!

Marilou said...

PLEASE do not let the thought that "oh, my sister's birthday is coming up in 2 short weeks, I think I'll just wrap this up and give it to her!"....enter your mind...please. It is lovely, don't get me wrong, but I'm thinking maybe mom needs more birds to feed or...great cousin Mimmy..her birthday is just right around the corner! She would be DELIGHTED with a surprise gift from YOU! Thank you for sharing this post today, so I could have something to comment on! :). Love you!

LisaShaw said...

Oh someone is going to LOVE this Judy! I'm a bird lover too but never think to put something in yard for them. We have those very tall full body with skinny leg gray birds in our yard. Unsure what they are called but they are beautiful and make loads of noise when they are talking! :)

Love ya!

P.S. Any craft tips to make something for coffee lovers?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Isn't that just the thing??? And if one is fun...imagine a bird tea party with several feeders and a tea pot feeder to boot!

Country Dreaming said...

So very cute. I'd love this. I'll have to remember this for next summer.

What fun.


Brenda Leyland said...

What a wonderful gift idea...... charming!

Shelley said...

Beautiful idea!!! You know what a bird nut I am - thank you for sharing the idea on how to make this!

Dayle said...

Thanks so much for your very kind and generous words today. You were a blessing to me.

Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful! My hubby and I went to a bed and breakfast a few years ago and the lady of the house had some of these in her garden. I thought they were so neat and would make great gifts, but as Judy said,the idea got lost in my memory. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Debbie said...

Thanks for that wonderful gift idea! I will not only make me some, but I'll make a couple to give away. Love the idea of the little bag of birdfood. I could just follow you around and learn all kinds of things. I'll have to pay more attention to the tea cups in Goodwill!

Anonymous said...

What a clever idea! I really love this. I have a feeling this will catch on and we will have lovely tea cup bird feeders in all of the gardens all over this wonderful blog world of ours.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This is so cute! The recipient of this gift will be thrilled, Judy!


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