Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Hours Visiting A Local "Farm Days Exhibit"

One of our local family owned grocery stores, sponsored a fascinating exhibit this summer. The event was called "Farm Days" and my daughter and her husband took their three youngest children. This exhibit proved to be more than they had expected, and their children were excited to see and learn many new aspects of the farming world. As you can see above, this little guy jumped right into the chore of milking a cow. He probably did not have a clue as to what he was doing, but it was fun, and he does not want to miss anything "fun". Can you imagine what went through his mind when his dad told him," that this is where milk comes from."

On to the eggs...then on to the peeps. Can you imagine what they thought as their mother explained that the peeps come from the eggs. But, what about the eggs they eat each do they process that concept?

I can imagine they were asking to take this little, fluffy peep along home.

Very carefully he gets his turn to hold it.

So many new things to learn. cute are they? We have dear friends who raise these animals, which has helped us learn many interesting facts about them. But, for this little grandson, it was his first introduction to the Alpaca world. My daughter told me, the children were thrilled with their visit, and for her it was a break in trying to find things to keep them occupied during this summer.


Stacey said...

Those pictures are adorable. It was so much fun to take the kids to things like that. It was a much simpler time.

Landis said...

Reminds me of my childhood at the Lampeter Fair! Love the first picture, he looks so determined to get that milk! :)

p.s. - I'm trying the fish fillet sandwich tonight!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Precious pictures of the kiddos! What fun memories you are making.

I can vouch for the fish sandwiches. I use to make them lots for the kids. Yummo!!

Happy@Home said...

Your pictures are just precious. What a great idea for the grocery store to put on this exhibit. I'm sure the kids loved seeing and touching the animals while learning a little bit about where their food comes from.

lindsey said...

This looks like a great day out. What lovely Grandchildren! We passed by a sign yesterday that said 'Alpaca's for Sale' I was very tempted but my husband said "No". We have some in a field near us and so take the grandchildren to see them.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we get surprised at what the kiddos like. They will always surprise us. They are so precious looking at each thing. Some nice photos.

Chris said...

Very cool!


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