Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Memories Of " Rootbeer Floats"

As the story goes...when I was just a toddler, we had a popular spot in our small town known as "Twin Kiss". My mother tells me that I learned at an early age the thrill of tasting a soft mixed ice cream cone. I am told(let's see how many times???), I would point and beg(in toddler style), to stop whenever passing the place. As I grew older and had younger brothers and sisters, the Twin Kiss became a destination of rewards. In the hot summer, if we would do our many chores, including the garden work, the weeding, the cleaning, helping pick up the (hundreds, or so it seemed) apples that fell from the huge apple tree in the back yard, we would be rewarded with a trip to Twin Kiss...

...and as greatly anticipated, dad would order ice cold mugs of Twin Kiss rootbeer floats for each of us. What could have possibly been better than that!! I can still remember clearly the delight that drink brought us. I found three Twin Kiss mugs at an Antique Market a few years ago. Just seeing them on the shelf brings a smile to my face. On Summer holidays we would also be treated to a refreshing rootbeer float.

This Memorial Day I will treat my family to rootbeer floats. I've lightened them up a bit with vanilla yogurt and diet Stewart's rootbeer, but let me tell you they are every bit as good!!

Here is my version of the floats. I add flags in memory of the outstanding men and women who gave their lives for me and for my country. My heart overflows with gratitude toward them, and my thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of men and women who today are continuing to guard our freedom.


Tracy said...

What a wonderful treat and what special memories! I love your ideas for lightening them up. = )

Blessings each day said...

What delightful memories...makes one want a Twin Kiss of their own.

My late husband loved root beer floats. Thank you for honoring those who have served in the military as he was also in Viet Nam twice and wounded both times.



lindsey said...

I love this post, family memories are the best! I'm not keen on root beer although I know my kids like it, I would probably go for a coke float. Either way these look GREAT!

amy said...

Thanks for sharing that great memory! Brings back a few for myself as well!


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Judy, oh, this brings back such memories. My husband loves, loves rootbeer floats.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. You are such a gracious lady. Oh and yes, I like the jetski too!!!


Happy @ Home said...

I got a warm and cozy feeling just reading your post today. What a sweet family memory you shared with us. I love the "Twin Kiss" name and think it is so neat that you found those mugs in an antique store. How wonderful that you are continuing the memory for Memorial's Day.

Stacey said...

That's a neat memory. Your floats look delicious!

When I was growing up our treat was a Slurpee at 7-11. Now they call them Icees.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What great memories...and what could be better than a root beer float in an icy glass mug? Your 'Twin Kiss' mugs are treasures!

My memories of root beer floats are of car hops delivering them on trays at the A&W Drive-In. I still enjoy a float on my back patio on a hot summer day.

Enjoy your floats with your family this weekend...and maybe I'll have one out here...and think of you!

Shellmo said...

YOu have the most wonderful presentation with food so I'm not surprised how delightful this rootbeer float desert looks! Love the idea of putting the flag in it - so thoughtful!(I'm going to be looking to you for ideas for a 4th of july party!)

LisaShaw said...

O MY GOODNESS!!! This so takes me back to my Grandparents kitchen and Grandpa making me rootbeer floats. I would always drink two and end up with a belly ache but it was always worth it.

You always make my senses happy. I can almost taste, smell and even hear as I read your messages. They are so soothing.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your post and hearing about your wonderful memories. The rootbeer float looks so delicious! Now I'm off to the party store to try to find some flags to put in my Memorial Day drinks. What a great idea :>) Thank you ♥

Melanie said...

What a great idea!
We used to get rootbeer floats at A&W when I was growing up.

Wonder how I can replicate that w/o the sugar involved? I'll figure it out.

Rebecca said...

Hi Mrs. Martin,
This is Becky (Rhoads) Schick. I just happened by your blog and thoroughly enjoyed the Twin Kiss stories. Just had to share that my parents' House of Pizza was a Twin Kiss when they bought it. We used the Twin Kiss bowls (with that great logo) for a long time for the ice cream. I, too, have picked up the occasionally root beer mug at sales. And I believe they still have some up in the attic. Gotta love floats! Thanks for the blog. :o)


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