Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CHANGE...I am finding it everywhere in daily life.  In fact, it is an inevitable part of each
moment of our lives.

Sometimes, it is change that goes backwards.  I found that in the appliance section of a huge
hardware store that I visited recently, on an out of state visit.  I walked into the beautifully
displayed section of the store, where the retro appliances filled the room.  Immediately,
my friends and I were drawn to examine each piece.  A great example of the old brought
back, in brand new, colorful fashion.  We could not help but imagine how these cook stoves
could be the focal point of any kitchen décor.

Features that our grandmas could only have dreamt of, in their day.

We were impressed with the attention to detail on every appliance.  Yes, this is an
illustration in part, of time seeming to go backwards.

We observed that even the transportation in some parts of the country, seems to go
back in time.  Back to a slower, simpler time of life in America.

Speaking of times past, I discovered one of my favorite pictures from thirty some years ago,
recently, as I was cleaning out my cupboards.  Every time I see the picture, it makes me smile
at the memory of that evening spent with our middle daughter and her adorable cousin, a long
time ago.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I received this picture from the same daughter.  Same two
girls, who are now both young mothers to their own little ones.  How did it happen so quickly?
As I stared at the picture above and this one, I was reminded again, that time continually
is filled with change.

Change...sometimes I like it, and oftentimes, I find it unsettling.  At times, the speed of the
change leaves me with a sense of wanting to slow it all down, or stopping it for a while.

One thing I would not wish to change, is the way each Spring, these gorgeous white peonies,
grace my flower bed.  Without fanfare, and often faster than I can keep up with, they
appear in all their glory.  Oh, how thankful I am for this season, and that change does not
happen with their reappearing each year.

The most comforting of all thoughts on change, I found in the Bible recently.  It was in
Malachi 3:6, "I the Lord, do not change."  Each sunrise, sunset, rainbow, and bouquet of
peonies, convinces me that this is true. 

Thank you for stopping by.


tootles said...

Oh how I loVe your blog! Today's post resonates so much with me too!
I am a 50 yr old nanny who still has 1 at home, ready. To leave the nest next year .... One in college and 1 married with my 3 yr old dolly and Twins on the way. My parents are aging fast, my hubby and I just marvel At how things change so fast!
Thanks for all the inspirations for gifts and just fun things you've posted!
Much blessings!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, those precious little cousins and the heartwarming photo of them with their children is so sweet! A blink it all seems as the years pass. This is a lovely post by a dear lady. So good to stop by for a visit!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

'I know whereof you speak!' Time seems to be flying by...and things are constantly changing. What a consolation to know that God is the same...yesterday, today and forever! Such a sweet pic of the girls some 30 years ago. And the peonies...so beautiful!

Anneliese said...

I love that retro photo of the two girls and now with their little ones! How well we remember hearing the older generation talk about change and now it's us! I have a hard time with change but, like you, am thankful when I remember that God is faithful.


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