Sunday, April 24, 2016

Come along with my husband and me on the drive through the countryside, on this absolutely beautiful Spring day.

The chickens were scurrying in the barnyard.

There were the "free range" chickens, at a location in the middle of a big field.

Tiny purple violets bloomed by the side of the road.

Plastic bags and pie pans, tied on sticks, blew in the wind, fulfilling their purpose of
keeping the birds away from the garden.  How clever!

Pretty white dogwood flowers, shared their delicate faces.

Young foals frolicked in the afternoon sun, almost appearing here, as if they were having a
lively conversation:).

They seemed so happy being together.

Quiet streams flowed through many of the farm fields.

Pretty colored flowers bloomed by an old mailbox.

As the cows and sheep grazed, a group of Amish families gathered to relax, by the creek in the
meadow.  What an enjoyable and peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, after a week of
hard work.

Sweet little girls seemed delighted with their fun carriage ride.

Bright yellow buttercups, lined the side of the road.  They always remind me of my growing up

Forget-me-not flowers, shared their soft blue colors too, as they bloomed in abundance, in
many of the country gardens.

The ducks swam in unison, down the rippling brook.

I hope you enjoyed the drive as much as we did, and I hope it offered you peaceful solace, as you
observed with us, the beauty God has created for us.  In a world of turmoil and unrest, we found
this change of scenery so therapeutic and exhilarating.  Spring...where nature wakes up, after
a long cold winter.  We can't get enough of it's beauty.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Stacey said...

All beautiful springtime shots Judy. :)

Happy@Home said...

Thank you for taking us along,Judy. So much beauty and new life to be found at this time of year. I especially enjoyed the photo of the foals and the forget-me-nots. I love those tiny flowers and I don't ever see them growing around here. Perhaps our climate is too hot for them.
The peaceful nature of this post has set the tone for this week.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

This post breathes all its glory! Have a wonderful week!

Christine said...

Your area is so beautiful, anytime of the year! I especially like Spring because of those darling colts! What a joy.

Lea said...

What a beautiful drive! We enjoyed a beautiful weekend here and probably should have taken a nice spring drive as well. But, since we didn't, I enjoyed yours. Happy week!

Anneliese said...

Thank you, Judy, for taking us along! I'm so glad I've visited your past of the country! It's beautiful!

lindsey said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world, thank you for sharing it with us


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