Friday, March 18, 2016

A few "Friday favorites" from me...

Look what "Pioneer Woman" produced for the Walmart shelves.  I was not planning on
stopping at the tea towel section, but these bright colors and pretty designs caught my
attention.  Yes, I had to purchase a few of the many displayed items.  Wouldn't you agree
with me? 

 What a fun way to brighten up a kitchen!  I will hang it on the handle of my oven door.
Flowers that add color, but don't wither.

I might wrap a container of Meyer's dish soup in one of the tea towels, and have a
simple, useful gift to give as a hostess gift.

Or, I might add a loaf of my favorite cranberry walnut bread, inside of the oven pot holder.
But, maybe I will keep it, to replace my very old, quite worn oven pot holder:).  Maybe.

Another idea in using my newly purchased tea towels, would be to fill an empty coffee
can, with a plastic bag of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies...

Then wrap the can in a folded tea towel.  Tie a matching ribbon around it,
and add a tag.  Gift complete.  By the way, the ribbon color that I used here,
did match, but the photo does not show that.

You can find these sheets of cute baking stickers also, on the shelves of the Walmart store. 
Plain index cards and one of these stickers can make a card for your cookies.

Last, but not least, remember this little guy?   This was him a few years ago, and now he
has grown up a bit.

It is enjoyable to watch these grandchildren grow up.  Last evening, I
found him making name tags for all of us, to place at our dinner table.
I should mention, when these children eat dinner here, place seating arrangements
are most important.  So, he was going to make sure that everyone knew
exactly where to sit:).  What joy it is to watch these children go through the
many different stages of growing up.
You stopped here today, knowing that maybe you might gain "a little
something", and that is just what I shared.  A few of my favorite things, on a
week where Spring is starting to happen everywhere I look.
Thanks so much for visiting here.  And, if you ever make a Walmart stop,
don't forget to look at the tea towels.  Thank you Pioneer Woman, for
sharing your vast amount of creativity with us, and the delicious recipes
you give us with each of your cooking shows.
Happy Friday friends! 


Happy@Home said...

I just love to see the "little somethings" that you create, Judy. The PW line of tea towels is so colorful and cheerful. Your ideas are so thoughtful and attractive and best of all, even I can carry out these ideas :). I think the idea for slipping a small loaf of bread into an oven mitt is one that I will definitely be doing. What a nice way to take the gift of bread up a notch. I also think those little baking stickers are adorable. I'll be checking for them at Walmart.
Your header full of roses is gorgeous!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Sweet and thoughtful ideas that will be a welcoming gift. I love your creativity and heart of giving!

Lea said...

I love the PW section of our Wal-Mart. Her dishes are also very pretty. She's such an interesting woman. Thanks for sharing your "gifting ideas" with us. Easter blessings!

Anneliese said...

I love your "little something" ideas on what to do with those pretty towels. You always take it up a notch!


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