Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It was a birthday gift to two of my grand-daughters and a bit of an adventure.  On a Saturday morning, we visited a
country greenhouse that had as one of it's features, the purchasing, creating, and the
helpful instruction of building one's own fairy garden.  The one pictured above, was
on display inside the front door of the greenhouse, along with the one pictured below.

Of course this grandma and her little "side-kicks" were immediately impressed and
intrigued by the colorful and unique displays.

The young lady behind the desk began the instruction process with the two girls.  Her warm,
gracious smile immediately put them at ease.  First off, chose the two bigger and three smaller
plants that you wanted to use.  They pushed the cart, most likely overwhelmed at all the choices
around them.

With her careful and kind advice, the plants were chosen, by each girl.

I was impressed at the thought they put into choosing their own various colored plants.

Then there was the category of choosing three accessory pieces.  Right away, the one chose
the puppy with the butterfly on it's nose, and the other chose a puppy on a little red wagon,
along with wire gazebos and tiny green turtles.

This dear instructor, led them to the big planting area, and proceeded to show them how to add
the dirt, then how to remove each plant, ever so carefully from the pots, and plant them in
their new containers.  Their enthusiasm began to grow, as instructions were given, and
the fun started.

Tiny stones were provided, as was the colorful moss.

I loved seeing their small hands ever so carefully, proceeding with each set of
new instructions.

Plant, then pat down the soil.  Think where you want to place the wire gazebo, and where to
put the walk compiled of tiny white stones.

Their instructor offered the most helpful and most patient type of instruction.  It was a joy to see
how these two girls responded to that type of teaching.

When that step was completed, they placed each completed garden on a cart, where she
supervised the gentle watering of each one, stressing as she did it, the
importance of giving them water and sun when they take them home.  I smiled
as I listened, wondering to myself, if truly they were taking the instructions
to heart.  How long would these plants look this vibrant and healthy?:)
Last fun step, choosing the color of glitter that they wished to sprinkle on their fairy gardens.
With careful movement, the she lightly sprinkled glitter onto the watered plants. 
What a perfect ending to their creation! 

Two completed tiny gardens.  A learning and fun birthday adventure, for two special
granddaughters, and their maw ma, who now wants to come back and build her own fairy
garden for her kitchen.

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."   ~Aristotle

"To look at is one thing;
To see is another.
To understand is a third.
To learn from what you understand is still something else.
But to act on what you learn is what really matters."    ~Unknown

"Education is how kids learn stuff."    ~ A seven year old:)

It was so good to have you stop by today!  I hope each of us continues to learn something
new and helpful each day, and then share what we learn with others.


Debbie said...

Those are just darling! What a good idea. You know it's funny. I am certainly in the process of learning something new right now. However it amazes me how differently each of minds work I think. All I am doing is putting together Christmas stockings for my daughter's family. Sounds easy enough right? Well, first I had to learn how to use metallic thread to embroider the names on. Not to tough as long as I followed all the tips and suggestions I read about. But now I am assembling the stockings. They are fully lined and then have the cuffs with the embroidered names. But "somehow" I am having to figure out how to assemble the things so that the cuff is right where it is supposed to be when turned down and the name is going the right direction, and the hangers are all going the same way so they hang the same, and the inside lining is going the same direction as the outside of the toe and heal. Goodness, you wouldn't believe how much ripping out I have done. Maybe by the time I get to the 5th one I will have the process down, but I am not counting on it, lol. i enjoyed this and I have no doubt your grand daughters did too. Have a good week!

corners of my life said...

You just can't top a day of Family fun

Lea said...

So, so cute! My little Grandaughter's b'day is a week from Sat. and she is having a fairy themed party and they are all going to make a fairy garden out of real plants. Sweet memories for your Grans for sure!

Judy said...

What a fun idea! And what a great gift. And yes...you should definitely go back and build your own fairy garden!

Anneliese said...

This is such a great birthday date idea! I love when the gift includes time spent together, because of the memory attached! How very special!


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