Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't you just adore their little faces? Sometimes when I am watering them, I feel like they are all looking right at me.
Pansies and Violas...two special flowers that bloom in the Springtime in this part of the country.
I cut a few of them(they love to be cut) and arrange them in my old glass ink wells. I scatter them throughout my home.
Sometimes I add a fern or two. These little arrangements serve to brighten every corner where I set them. Planted pots of Pansies also make a perfect centerpiece for my kitchen table.

And...because they are an edible flower, I use them to decorate some of my food. Here are two of my mini loaves of lemon bread from a previous post. I took the loaves from the freezer, sliced them, whipped some softened butter with cinnamon sugar and served it with the bread.
The tiny purple Viola dresses up the platter perfectly, and would make a fun hostess gift.

This is now one of the "light" desserts that I created for my husband this evening. Since his episode in the hospital this past weekend, he was told to make some dietary changes.
Tonight I created this for him;

A tall glass of this refrigerated white grape sparkling water beverage...

...added a scoop of this fat free rainbow sherbet. In addition, a small portion of peanuts.
He said it was delicious!
This summer when the tempetures are high and the outside work makes it's demands...this may just hit the spot...icy cold and refreshing.
The Viola or Pansey adds a touch of vibrant color. I read the Pansey is called the flower of remembrance. I like that because Panseys were my dear grandma's pride and joy of her garden for many years, and I like remembering her.


Anonymous said...

I love those too. What a nice post you have done with the baking and the pretty drink. I love purple, yellow and green together. Blessings

Miss Gracie's House said...

Dear Judy,
How are you holding up? *Simplify* takes on new meaning when life hits us, huh?
How is DH? We head back to the next dr. tomorrow morning...
Did you get my email? Just curious how reliable gmail is...

Gram said...

So glad your husband is okay. I love pansies - my mother always called them happy flowers.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your drink creation looks most refreshing...and I'm all in favour of adding the smiling pansies to everything!

Tracy said...

Oh, they are among my favorite, too. Amazing how much a little flower or two can lift your spirits and brighten a room.

Continuing to pray for you and your hubby. Blessings my friend.

Stacey said...

Hi Judy. I never think about bringing pansies into the house. They are precious little flowers.

The dessert looks wonderful. My husband is doing weight watchers and has lost 20 lbs already. He might actually like this dessert...since cake is not really on the plan very easily.

I must have missed something about your husband. I'll back up a little.

Have a great day!

Happy@Home said...

I think that pansies and violas are such cheery flowers and remarkably cold tolerant for such little guys. I like how you paired them with a sprig of fern.
The drink you made for your husband sounds yummy.

Rach said...

Thats the cutest little flower arrangement! Love the purple

SeaWorthy said...

Hi Judy!
Im ashamed to say I havent been over for quite a while, busy with all things life, I guess..
I hope your husband is doing better, too scary! Take good care of him and spoil him to bits!

Violas were my Grandma Marys very favorite, along with sweet pea and gladiolas, of which I have all in my garden for sweet rememberance of a lovely lady. I miss her!
I hope everyone is doing well and your babies are growing like crazy..

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Judy, love your always. You are so uplifting. I can always count on your for a smile.

Barb ♥

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I SO love stopping by your place. I only wish I could do it in person! lol

Your baking is always so inviting, and the drink you shared looks yummy...I know it will be a hit at our home too.

Know that I'm continuing to lift your precious husband up (and you) with much prayer!!

Have a BLESSED week my friend.

Country Dreaming said...

Love the the happy flowers.
Your new dessert sounds refreshing-hope your husband is doing better.


a woman who is said...

Pansies were the second flower I remember noticing as a young child. My grandmother too grew many of them. I remember looking at each one so carefully because none of them were the same.

Your little pot of sunshine is charming.

Sorry to hear about your husbands recent trip to the hospital. I pray that he will recover quickly. Looks like he has an excellent nurse.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved these flowers too! I like your idea of setting a box on a the table with them. How pretty that would be. I love how you take the ordinary and turn it into something so special. I hope your husband is doing much better.


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